Barclays Eagle Labs Guernsey

Helping entrepreneurs, businesses and the local community to create, innovate and grow.


Barclays Eagle Lab Guernsey, situated at the Digital Greenhouse, launched in 2018 to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to create, innovate and grow. 

Who Barclays Eagle Labs are:

Since 2015 when they opened their first Barclays Eagle Labs, (by taking over under-utilised Barclays branch spaces), they've been on a mission to support the UK's entrepreneurial community, helping to create, innovate and grow businesses by providing the right space for them to come together.

And they do that because they truly believe in the collective. They know growing business from the ground up can be lonely. It's easy to become isolated when heavily immersed in our life's work.

But when we come together in a shared space, we have an opportunity to take a step back, learn from others. And by doing so, by celebrating the collective differences, we go further.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

That's where the Barclays Eagle Labs come in.

To learn more about Barclays Eagle Labs Guernsey click one of the links below to their initiatives or contact Gez Overstall, Ecosystem Manager.  

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