A 6 week summer internship for Guernsey students keen to work in the Digital and Creative sectors.

Taking place over 6 weeks during the summer, in July and August, the Discover Digital Summer Internship Program offers summer employment to post-16 students who are passionate about digital and want to work with some of the island’s leading employers on their digital projects. 

Who is it aimed at?

The Discover Digital Summer Internship is open to all post-16 students, currently in full time education, who have shown a passion for and experience in digital (this could be gaming, video, programming, website building, robotics, social media, digital arts, etc) and a desire to work on digital projects with some of the island’s leading companies. 

What’s in it for the candidate? 

Students will be employed by local companies who require digital skills to work on a range of projects. This internship will give them a real taste of where these skills can take them. Whether the business is focused on wellness, insurance, marketing or consulting, digital is the common thread for skills sought by many of today’s top employers. After the internship, candidates will have experienced working on real challenges while learning about the role digital plays in these company on a day to day basis. 

Companies taking part in 2021 (More to be announced)

What is involved? 

Lasting six weeks, from 12th July - 20th August 2021, the programme offers 6-week placement at a single company where you will work on some very exciting projects. The programme will finish with a presentation of the projects worked on over the previous weeks given at a group event held at the end of the internship. The first week is eligible for Activities Week for those students at the Sixth Form Centre

How does the payment system work? 

This is a full-time position, 9-5pm, Monday-Friday. The pay is £14/hour for each 35 hour work week. Additional hours on an unpaid basis will be required to prepare the final presentation.

Is a job offered at the end of the three month term? 

There is no guaranteed job offered at the end of the internship, however, the candidate will have picked up valuable work experience in areas such as research, coding, presentations and working with data. 

I'm interested. What now? 

If you are interested please complete the registration of interest form to be notified when the applications open.


Applications for 2021 are now closed.

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Meet Past Students

Nathaniel Jones

2017 Discover Digital Intern Developer

What would you say to others interested in the internship?

Go for it! It's a great opportunity to learn new skills necessary in the world of digital and design. Great experience working with a talented group of individuals.

What did you enjoy about the internship?

The teamwork, the variety of the work, new skills and working for companies on forward-thinking projects.

What skills did you develop over your internship placement?

Skills in design thinking, app development, presentation skills and teamwork.

How did you feel the internship benefited you?

It gave me greater confidence on working as a team on projects. It also allowed me to learn new skills and implement them into a variety of projects.

Lillian Woodall

2017 Discover Digital Intern Student at Durham University

What would you say to others interested in the internship?

This internship was absolutely invaluable to me and I cannot recommend it enough.

What did you enjoy about the internship?

I loved tackling challenges alongside a cracking bunch of other post-16s with different skills and backgrounds - we were a tight and varied team and felt we could tackle anything.

What skills did you develop over your internship placement?

As a member of the rotation group, I was able to explore a variety of areas including macroeconomics, marketing, and the process of developing a business idea from nothing to a fully formed plan. I picked up skills in data processing, design and particularly verbal presentation to a panel.

How did you feel the internship benefited you?

The internship opened my eyes to the vast scope of the digital industry, and to the possibilities and opportunities available to our generation as we consider the direction of our careers. It also allowed me to learn new skills and implement them in a variety of projects.

William Tiffin

2019 Discover Digital Intern Placement company: C5 Alliance

Tell us what you've been working on this summer during your internship?

We’ve been working on our ‘In the bag’ app, It’s a recycling app that gives you the opportunity to scan the barcode of your product and it gives you a breakdown of your product and how to dispose of it, what material is in it and where they go, which bag they go in and when it's collected. You can also search for products and there are other location functionalities that take you to the website. Hopefully, we are handing it off to the I am waste team later this week.  

What did you think of and enjoy about your internship placement?

Mainly just the experience of it, working in a team and coding. Learning a new language basically because I’ve never done anything with the coding language before, and making everything come together in this project was good as it’s bigger than anything I’ve worked on before.

Did you develop any digital skills over the last six weeks? How do you feel this internship has benefited you?

Definitely new skills, such as again the coding language as well as more communication skills. I’ve been doing a lot of things on the web end side with javascript which isn't very public-facing but I've learnt a lot of coding techniques and practices that I can then apply later on in life as well as knowing how to work in a team and team environment

What would you say to others interested in this internship next year?

Definitely give it a go, depending on what you want to do digitally I think it's good. It’s certainly helped me and kept me busy this summer and it's given me that foothold for later life career decisions before most other peers have had the chance. 

Serge Bellinger

2019 Discover Digital Intern Placement company: PwC

What did you think of your internship placement?

I really enjoyed it! Everyone I met was really lovely, and I quite enjoyed the work as well, it didn't feel like five weeks. I liked it so much I applied for a job there! 

Tell us more about what you have been working on at PwC. 

I was working on testing rest API’s and I did some development on it as well, I also had a side project of making a chatbot, using Gmail and that was good fun. It felt like I had actually accomplished something, like I actually made a difference, as opposed to being just being an intern, I’m glad I wasn't just tasked with photocopying stuff. 

What would you say to others interested in the internship next year?

I would say, definitely apply for it! I was feeling a bit lazy when I first saw it advertised and was a little pressured into applying but I’m so glad I did. It really wasn't any effort to write a cover letter for my CV and do an interview and it was just so worth it. I’ve had a really good time, a really valuable experience!

What did you enjoy about the internship?

I really enjoyed that I was doing actual work, and it never dragged because I was really busy all the time. I also enjoyed being included in all the socials and coming to the Digital Greenhouse because I felt we were really well supported, I could’ve asked anyone here If I was having trouble with anything.

Did you develop some skills over your internship placement?

Oh yeah! For sure, I learnt the fundamentals of a new programming language and I learnt how to use a few different types of software. 

Aside from an awesome new job opportunity, how do you feel the internship benefited you?

I think I’ve learnt a lot about what it means to work in a real job, I’ve had other jobs before but nothing too serious like this. Its benefitted me by teaching me lots of new skills and I think I’m more employable as a result. Undoubtedly as I was just offered this job! I also feel more connected with people in this industry.

Hannah Ogier

2020 Discover Digital Intern Placement company: JT and Digital Greenhouse
What have you been working on during your internship? 
My Discover Digital Internship was split between JT telecoms in Jersey and The Digital Greenhouse. At JT I was working on updating the JT Careers website with new and more detailed content. This involved creating infographics for their JT Talent schemes, designing icons for the website and deciding on the content and structure. I also produced detailed manager case studies through conducting interviews and these will also go up onto the website. I also worked on updating their apprenticeship recruitment day with new activities, challenges and questions. I managed and planned the filming and production of testimonial videos to go on the careers website.
In the second half of my internship, I was at Digital greenhouse working within the team. Experiencing what it's like to work in an office, networking and participating in meetings was a great learning experience. My main role was to write articles and create infographics. I found my skill set on Adobe Illustrator was massively expanded through the help and advice of the rest of the team and I enjoyed learning how to use scheduling tools like Hootsuite and the website management content platform Umbraco. I also learnt how to write audience-appropriate articles for the local paper and The Digital Greenhouse website. I picked up some great tips on how to write engaging content and how to structure an article.
Which skills have you developed during the placement? 
I developed the skill of working collaboratively on projects to produce the best outcome. This involved listening closely to other peoples feedback and being adaptive. I have grown in confidence in zoom meeting calls, sharing my opinions and asking questions. I have also developed the skill of producing a design pitch or a video plan and then pitching it to a group of people. This involved working on my confidence and ability to explain my decisions with clarity. This internship also allowed me to build on my ability to work towards a deadline so that we had everything done by the time I finished the internship.
What would you say to students looking to take part in the internship? 
This internship is a great way to introduce you to the digital marketing industry, network with people in the industry and try out a variety of skills from graphic design, website design, social media marketing and article writing. This internship has affirmed my decision to pursue a career in marketing and design and will be an invaluable experience to talk about when I apply for a masters degree in Marketing in the coming year.

Chloe Brown

2020 Discover Digital Intern Placement company: Ernst & Young
What have you been working on during your internship?
2 weeks of RPA, 2 weeks of UX design and 2 weeks of tech audit
Which skills have you developed during the placement? 
I have learned to apply my knowledge of UX to a real case study and the relationship and issues between what a UX designer wants and what the developer may want. I have developed my knowledge in robotics and in the world of calculating technological risk. I can now handle various tasks of different natures being given at the same time, and I have become more confident in speaking in group calls (spent all but 4 days working from home due to Covid-19, and the majority of the tech team is in Jersey).
What would you say to students looking to take part in the internship?
EY adapted their internship to suit my interest in UX so do not hesitate to let The Digital Greenhouse know what it is you are most interested in in the tech industry during your interview. Also, do it! Nothing to lose and you might find it is exactly what you want to pursue.

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