Data Steward (Internal Firm Services)

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Data Steward (Internal Firm Services)


The Data Steward role is an integral part of the Master Data Management (MDM) ecosystem. Managing and maintaining the quality of the master data for all clients and engagements is pivotal to the functioning of our business.

With technology advancing quickly, and a significant change expected in how we manage our data (e.g. increasing automation and technology usage; and migrating to more advanced data management systems), it’s important that we have a dedicated and skilled team focusing on this.

In your role as a Data Steward, you’ll be at the forefront: helping our internal teams to effectively and efficiently manage the data and use technology to facilitate operational excellence. Key Responsibilities The role involves responsibilities in four main areas as part of an overall function:

• Governance

Establishing processes to ensure accurate and consistent data management - focusing on relevancy of data elements and attributes, transforming data, preserving data, increasing the value through combining with other information, and protecting the data.

• Data lifecycle management

Manage data collection, data enrichment and systems entries in accordance with the quality and data governance standards

• Ownership model: consumption from and contribution to MDM

Responsible for maintaining data quality, manage the consumption of global MDM data, manage the contribution to global data and manage territory-owned data in the global MDM, data lifecycle, manage notifications of potential changes from less trusted sources, support global MDM data disputes and resolutions with respect to the territory ownership

• Data quality and data standards

Maintaining data quality standards with the assistance of Global MDM with regular reporting - completeness, correctness, compliance, controlled vocabulary, global definitions, record inclusion.


• Report into the Data Owner to keep them updated on your progress, ask for support where needed and share learnings

• Work with the Technology & Innovation team to leverage technical skill sets and use the latest relevant technology available to the business to fulfil responsibilities

• Access to specific training for technology skills - both through self-guided platforms, and external courses


Business Profile

Establishes credibility by having a strong understanding of business requirements and effective working style.

Intellectual agility

Deals with complexity, innovates and gets to the heart of issues

Capacity to develop

Adaptable, learns fast and thrives on challenge

Drive and resilience

Persistent, tenacious and bounces back quickly from set-backs

Teamwork Work

effectively with teams and consistently bringing the best out of others in all situations

Risk & quality

Understands technology and data protection risks and develops quality solutions

Eligibility to work in CI

● Due to licence restrictions, we are ideally looking for an individual who is entitled to work in CI.