Project Manager

Posted by CBO


Within the discipline of project management, you will be responsible for leading projects in a manner that ensures they are delivered in a controlled and effective way.  This includes:

  • Leading on their definition and establishment, so that a clear and deliverable project is formed.
  • Managing all dimensions of their delivery, including plan, issues and risks and budget.
  • Stakeholder management, including liaison with senior stakeholders, engagement with Programme Managers and those leading parallel projects.
  • Leadership of multi-disciplinary project teams.

You will be expected to be able to undertake these responsibilities with a high level of autonomy, including on projects with material levels of complexity, cost, profile or risk.

  • You may also be responsible for activities that form complementary project delivery disciplines, such as business analysis or change management.

In all cases, you will receive support and development to enable you to use CBO’s frameworks and tools – working alongside experts in their application.

In this role, you will also be expected to contribute to CBO’s work to ensure that we continue to provide an excellent quality service to clients, and a top-tier working environment for our colleagues.  This includes:

  • Contributing to the maturing of our processes and standards, as an active member of our Project Management and other Communities of Practice.
  • Working with colleagues and clients to develop new projects and opportunities.
  • Being an active participant in industry events – helping CBO be recognised as the ‘go to’ company for projects in the Channel Islands.

Requirements and Preferences:

Successful candidates must have experience of managing formally constituted projects – preferably 3 years or more.  A formal project management qualification is highly desirable.  CBO aligns with the Association of Project Management’s framework, and our preference is that the candidate will hold that bodies’ PMQ qualification.  We recognise, however, the value brought by other industry standards (such as the PMI’s and Axelos’) and their qualifications.

Complementary experience of working in one or more of the other disciplines described in this job description, such as business analysis or change management, is desirable.  Candidates with associated qualifications (such as the BCS’ qualifications for business analysis, or the APMG’s for change management) will be favourably considered.

In addition to this specific experience, we are looking for people with the following broader skills:

  • Mentally acute and fast-learning, with strong analytical skills.
  • Mature and capable of meticulous self-organisation.
  • Self-motivating and confident: happy and capable of working autonomously, often with people holding senior positions.
  • Excellent communicators with strong drafting and presentation skills.
  • Able to identify client needs for support, and shape this into proposals for work.
  • Effective team-workers, including within multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Works professionally and with integrity, and maintains a clear focus on quality of work delivered, including when working on multiple engagements in parallel.


What makes us different? CBO is more than just a job, because we want to get the best from our team. We care about your well-being and development, and you also get the chance to give back to causes that mean something to you.

CBO offers a competitive salary – which is determined by the individual’s level of skills and experience.  Salary estimates will be shared with short-listed candidates.

In addition to this, CBO provides:

  • 5% pension contribution;
  • 25 days holiday a year;
  • 5 days allowance for paid charity / community service per year;
  • A commitment to at least £1,500 of training per year;
  • Personalised development pathways for each employee – to ensure that every member of the company has the opportunity to excel and achieve their professional goals.

We provide all of our employees with the highest quality equipment and support, for use in our modern offices, when working on client site, and when working from home.  Travel outside of the Channel Islands may be required but is usually infrequent.

This is a permanent contract. We are open to applicants seeking full-time or part-time positions, so long as they are willing to contract to a minimum of 25 hours per week.  To support a positive work-life balance, we also provide employees with a high level of autonomy and flexibility in the management of working time.