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Posted by Fairtrade Guernsey

What we are about

Fairtrade Guernsey is the local branch of the global Fairtrade movement and here in Guernsey, our aim is to raise awareness and support for Fairtrade. The means to achieve this aim is far-reaching, and the best place to start in our modern world is of course a fantastic website with a great user experience.

More and more people are needed to help grow the positive influence of Fairtrade, and the main thrust of the movement in Guernsey is to see as much purchasing of Fairtrade products as possible in order that benefits will accrue for the farmers and producers in the developing world. Products include Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate, plus many others. It’s easier for people to make these small changes, which makes a big difference to individual lives and our environment when they know about it. This is why our website and digital footprint is really important for Fairtrade.

Where we are now

Website: We have a basic website, which was set up and designed as part of a volunteer project with Specsavers and is maintained part-time by one of the Fairtrade Guernsey steering committee.

Although it does the job as a centre point of contact for Fairtrade Guernsey, its design and functionality are now dated and we want to make sure visitors enjoy the website experience and that it helps inspire people to switch their purchasing decisions. Content management would remain a task for the Steering Group volunteers (we are also looking for a new person to manage this on an ongoing basis!); however, any improvements to make this process simpler and where possible merge it with our social media platforms would be very helpful.

We also have a directory for local businesses that serve Fairtrade. This is a difficult and time-consuming section to maintain and the information is currently not presented in a user-friendly way. We would be interested in the possibility of adding a searchable directory, where local suppliers submit a short application to have their business and products listed, which is then verified by FTG and published.

What we want to achieve

A modern, clean and user-friendly centre-piece designed to positively raise awareness of Fairtrade, promote events such as Fairtrade Fortnight and drive the purchase of more Fairtrade products here in Guernsey - while also supporting the Buy Local movement where possible. We would like to keep the current website and its CMS (WordPress), but revive and streamline the layout and content for a better user experience. The demographic of potential Fairtrade users is very wide, ranging from students to the elderly, meaning we need to cater for a wide spectrum of people so that Fairtrade Guernsey’s online experience becomes an enabler of more Fairtrade adoption in Guernsey. Ideally, this would include large text, graphics, plus the ability to add images and video without slowing down processing.

Our most important messages and content that we need to website to communicate are:

  • Why Fairtrade - tell people why Fairtrade matters quickly and succinctly in a fun, engaging way.
  • Let people know what they can buy and ideally were from.
  • Engage businesses as Fairtrade Workplaces and encourage them to switch.
  • Promote ‘Get Involved’ on every page.
  • Promote events such as Fairtrade Fortnight, quizzes, etc.
  • Share the latest news (often from the Fairtrade Foundation, the UK Coordinator)
  • Links to our social media.

The website also needs to be simple to maintain and keep updated. Unless he or she wishes to stay involved, we would ask the designer to ‘hand over' the website to the Steering Group at the end of the assignment by training 2-3 individuals on its functionality and producing a short ‘how to’ guide on adding content.


Website ideas

The website look and feel needs to remain consistent with Fairtrade Community Identity guidelines from the Fairtrade Foundation, which will be made available.


As a charity, we have limited funds and ideally, we are looking for someone to assist us on a pro-bono basis. However, if this isn’t possible we would apply for funding to cover a one-off fee at a charity rate for the website design work at a price agreed in advance and would not be in a position to support a salary.