Chamber November OGH Lunch: Green Corporate Credentials – An Exciting New Initiative

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Marc Lainé

Environmental and Social Impact Monitor Launch

The Environmental & Social Impact Monitor (ESIM), led by experienced entrepreneur Marc Lainé, will develop Guernsey as a leading centre for green and sustainable business and finance. ESIM will accredit organisations that align the interests of investors, customers and the wider communityso that all stakeholders can make informed decisions and organisations can clearly demonstrate alignment of their values with social expectations.

ESIM will support Guernsey businesses in their efforts to contribute to this goal with a range of benchmarking and rating services which will:

  • Enhance Guernsey’s reputation for Green Finance
  • Facilitate the development of a new advisory and auditing industry that will be able to export skills to other jurisdictions
  • Provide a clear opportunity for Guernsey to demonstrate its commitment and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ESIM also intends to raise £1m in annual charitable funding for Guernsey with an innovative donation platform.

Chamber lunches are very kindly sponsored by Sure.