Cyber Citizens: Cyber Hygiene for Small Businesses

Learn more about how to stay safe online with Barclays Eagle Lab Guernsey

Date & Time

16 Nov 12:00 - 13:00


The Shed, Digital Greenhouse


Nat, Adam & Matt from Barclays

To tie in wit Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 this Cyber Citizens session is specifically designed for start-ups and small businesses.  Expect fraud awareness advice and tips on best practice when dealing with suppliers and customers.

Scams and fraud are not new, but as technology continues to advance, criminals are finding new ways to access your information and your money.  Barclays Eagle Lab Guernsey are committed to helping you avoid scams and fraud, which is why they’ve put together this information for this interactive presentation.  Understanding the techniques fraudsters may use can help you protect yourself against them.  Come along and receive the most up-to-date help and advice to help you stay safe online, including up-to-date examples, specific to Guernsey.


Speaker Profiles

Adam, Senior Analyst and Nat, Analyst at Barclays

We both work in the OBEST team, which stands for Overseas Banking Expert Servicing Team and with millions of transactions happening at any given moment, someone has to keep an eye out for fraud.  We work hard to look out for those taking advantage of stolen information or deceptive practices and spot criminal trends to prevent them in the future.

Matt, Relationship Manager at Barclays

Matt works with local banking clients here in Guernsey, but prior to this, worked in the local fraud prevention team and with clients in vulnerable circumstances. From debit card fraud, online payment fraud and various scams, Matt has seen and assisted customers in a wide range of scenarios. As one of the founders of the Cyber Citizens program, Matt is keen to continue to educate our community and assist them to protect against fraud and scams.


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