UX Design with Barclays Eagle Lab - October

UX or User eXperience is an important part of how customers interact with your business.

Date & Time

26 Oct 11:00 - 12:00


Online Event

Join us for this virtual Barclays Eagle Labs event exploring UX Design. This workshop will be run by Kevin, an engineer in Aberdeen who has experience in building control systems for process equipment in the oil industry.

This workshop is great for those who have an idea for a product which requires customer interaction, or if you want to know more about the area of User eXperience!

Kevin will show how to use the ideas of Control, Context, Continuity and Conveyance from Operating system interface design to look at the Customer, machine interface and the business to explore how user experience design can be used to help in the product design process. With a main focus on the psychology of the user/customer, their environment and the business relationship with them, and how to use this to consider the business values, proposition, growth and the customer journey. This will help reuse business decisions, and prevent the repetition of work, there will be no coding required.