Duforest AI Shark Tank

Join us for this AI hackathon using prompt engineering with ChatGPT

Date & Time

4 Nov 09:00 - 17:00


The Shed, Digital Greenhouse

Run by

Duforest AI

This is a shark tank-style event run by Duforest AI where you will be set a problem statement and tasked with developing a solution using responses from ChatGPT prompts.    

Explainer: Shark Tank Innovation is a project-based learning challenge that incorporates the 4 Cs: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication.  

How it works

At the beginning of the day everyone will be presented with a topic and will have to use AI Prompt Engineering to create a business related to the topic. 

Experts in AI prompt engineering, entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance will be available to provide mentorship and answer any questions during the event. 

At the end of the day each team will have 5 minutes to present their solution and explain their use of prompt engineering to solve the topic.  

Judges will pick a winner based on the criteria detailed below.  The winners will receive the perpetual "Duforest AI Shark Tank Challenge Shield". In addition, each member of the winning team will receive an engraved cup to keep as a memento of their achievement.  Every participant will receive a specially commissioned enamel badge.  

Who can attend?

The competition is open to teams of one or two people.  A maximum of of 12 teams can participate.  

First refusal will be given to those who have attended a Duforest AI's 'ChatGPT for Startups' course - to find out more about the course and dates please follow the link below. 

ChatGPT for Startups course

The competition is also open to Guernsey residents who have experience in ChatGPT prompt engineering.  

To register your interest to take part in the AI hackathon please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. 

Judging criteria

Teams will be judged on their critical thinking, creative thinking, communication skills, and the ability to collaborate as a team. The assessment will also consider the creativity and feasibility of the business idea, effective use of AI Prompt Engineering, and potential market impact.

Extra points will be awarded for finesse in prompt engineering. This includes the use of markup within text formatting, tabular presentation of data, graphical presentation of data, graphic images for logo, ensuring that all responses are of British English spelling and grammar and colloquialisms, references to live data rather than data from the AI model original training data, etc.

The judges' decision is final and no negotiations or correspondence with participants will be entered into.

Intellectual property

All ideas presented during the competition remain the property of the participants. 

Conduct & Disqualification

All participants are expected to behave professionally and respectfully towards other participants, judges, and organisers.  

Any team found to be copying another team's ideas or prompts will be disqualified.  

About Duforest AI

At Duforest AI, they are masters at unlocking the potential of AI. This firm holds a leadership position in AI strategy, AI education, and Prompt Engineering. Their proficiency in NLP and generative AI does not merely simplify AI, it unlocks it, thereby charting a path to success.

Within Duforest AI's educational curriculum, one can find a variety of accredited AI and ChatGPT courses. These offer opportunities to accumulate CPD hours and achieve the esteemed Prompt Master Certification. Duforest AI's practical methodology, supported by rigorous research, assures a profound understanding of AI. This welcomes individuals into a realm where AI is not just accessible but truly unleashed.

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