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My time in the Digital Greenhouse as a discover digital intern

We hear from Evelyn Stevens about her experience working with the Digital Greenhouse for the summer

My name is Evelyn Stevens, during the summer of 2022 I worked at the Digital Greenhouse as part of the Discover Digital Internship Programme.

Every day for me while working in the Digital Greenhouse was different. Since starting, I have spent days speaking to members, filming interviews, creating and editing videos and writing articles. I have done a range of different tasks over the six weeks of working and every day there was something new for me to do and learn. 

During my internship, I worked on a project that aimed to boost awareness of the Digital Greenhouse memberships by interviewing different members to learn how they use the space and what made them decide to join the Digital Greenhouse. We started at the very beginning, writing out a project plan and conducting research into the kind of interview questions I wanted to ask and the tone of voice that the Digital Greenhouse has when it comes to their website and social media. In doing this research it was interesting to find out what different people do for work, and how different people use the space depending on what their job is. After planning and filming short video interviews with members from different membership tiers I started to edit them with Adobe Premier Pro with an aim of having them used on social media platforms to help with advertising the memberships.


During my placement at the Digital Greenhouse, I developed skills in a range of Adobe apps, including Premiere Pro, After Effects and Illustrator. Many of the skills I’ve learnt in these programmes will help me significantly when I return to sixth form in September. In Premiere Pro I have learnt new techniques on how to edit videos and how to add effects, alongside these technical skills, I have also learnt some investigative and interviewing skills. I have gained the confidence to talk to many of the members that come and go from the space, and I believe these skills will greatly help me in my future workplace.

This internship has really helped me be able to pinpoint what I awant to achieve in the future, I have had the opportunity to speak with people from a variety of  different jobs which I would love to know more about. Through working with the Digital Greenhouse team over the 6 weeks I've had a great insight into a professional workplace. They have helped me, given me advice on different projects and have always been welcoming, I have seen all their individual jobs come together to create the media that is posted online and on social media. By learning all about new careers and jobs I think I now know what I am looking to do in the future.


For students looking to take part in the internship next year, I would tell them to go into it with an open mind to learn new things, share new ideas and just be themselves. The internship is for you to be able to get an idea for work and to help you figure out what you want to do in the future so by going into it with an open mind you will be able to get the full experience of what it is all about.

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