Airtel-Vodafone increases data allowances in response to COVID 19

Airtel-Vodafone has increased data allowances on all its 4G Home Broadband plans to support its customers working remotely during COVID 19 - a further welcome addition to the telecoms industry plans already announced.

At such unprecedented times, it is fantastic to see local businesses coming forward to support our community. This initiative from Airtel-Vodafone will undoubtedly assist many to not only work remotely, but also to be confident that they will stay well connected during any periods of isolation

Lucy Kirby, Director of Digital Greenhouse

The increased allowance of an extra 50GB of data per month, at no extra cost, comes into effect from 20th March, initially for a period of one month.

We are doing everything we can to help support customers to work remotely during this difficult period and we have moved quickly to implement this to help the many thousands of our customers using our wireless 4G home broadband products

Sid Ahlawat, CEO of Airtel-Vodafone

Airtel-Vodafone customers who this applies to need not take any action. The 50GB extra data allowances will automatically be applied to their home broadband accounts.    

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