Café Délices new steps to protect the environment

We all love a hot cup of coffee or tea but do we ever stop to think about the environmental impact that these delicious beverages have on our planet?

Yearly, tonnes of raw waste in the form of coffee husk is left from the processing of coffee. To tackle this problem, Huskee Pty Ltd, designed the HuskeeCup which is made from coffee husk: a raw, organic waste material that’s produced at the milling stage of coffee production and usually destined for landfill. 

To Find out more about the HuskeeCup Campaign watch their video here. 

Recently Café Délices began to offer HuskeeCups to its customers. Café Délices has announced the café will no longer be supplying any single-use paper cups for takeaway drinks. All takeaway hot drinks will be served in a HuskeeCup and customers can bring it back on their next visit to exchange it for a clean one with their next purchase! 

Café Délices has committed to reducing waste all the way throughout the premises, waste coffee grinds from the café go to Rocquettes Cider for composting. They swap these when Rocquettes apple juice and ciders are delivered.

To join the movement for waste-free coffee, customers will pay a higher price for the first purchase of coffee then all hot drinks including lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites are served at the reduced price of £2. Customers who don’t have a reusable cup when ordering a takeaway must either buy a HuskeeCup or simply sit-in (or sit in the sun) for a relaxing coffee break, the traditional way. 

Thank you Café Délices for coming by the Digital Greenhouse to share your new HuskeeCup revolution with us! 

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