Global Game Jam Guernsey 2020 Round Up

This year was the 6th Global Game Jam in Guernsey and the 5th taking place at the Digital Greenhouse.

The Global Game Jam is an international event aimed to promote skill sharing and development. This was the 12th Global Game Jam with over 48,000 jammers taking place across 934 sites in 118 countries across the world. The Guernsey weekend saw 30 keen jammers coming together to create 6 games over 36 hours.

The event started on 5pm on Friday with the jammers descending on the Digital Greenhouse and starting to setup their work stations for the weekend. This years participants included some seasoned developers and a number who had some experience with coding but had never build games before.

Once everyone was settled in, the snacks had been put out and coffee had been poured Marc Beavan from Cortex and Ben Wratten from the Digital Greenhouse laid down the rules and how to get the most out of the weekend. It was then time for the theme to be announced announced, which this year was 'Repair'. The jammers in their teams set out of brainstorming ideas to what kind of game and story their games would have. What followed was 36 hours of development brining the ideas to reality.

On Sunday afternoon time was called and the last builds were put together and uploaded to the Global Game Jam website. Teams then showcased their games that they had built to the rest of the participants showcasing some of the innovative ideas and features.

We would like to thank Cortex, Old Doorways and Granite Games for sponsoring the event and of course all of the jammers who took part in the weekend. 

Take a look at the games built over the weekend

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