Digital Marketing Meet up Deconstructing Digital

Digital Marketing meetup with George Bett, Managing Director at Clicksmith, A Guernsey-based company working in Digital Marketing.

Did you know? 81% of people research a business or service online prior to making a purchase decision?


In this month’s Digital Marketing meet up we were looking at deconstructing digital, by going through some digital marketing strategies and statistics. To begin with, we went through some digital marketing buzz words and definitions behind some of the acronyms we didn't know, for example, ‘SERP’ which is an acronym for ‘Search Engine Results Page’ and GMB (Google My Business). We learned that 95% of searchers will pick businesses on the first result page of local search results, the page layout of Google and the order of significance between paid and organic material which ultimately directly impacts our shopping/searching.


George explained to us why a website is like a home and why having a well-designed website is so fundamental to a business over a bunch of social media pages which are susceptible to low views and easy distractions away from your page (memes, adverts, and videos of pets being the real culprits here!). The real importance of having a website that truly reflects how you want to be represented using optimised images, a good colour palette, content that is not too bulky, a good voice for your writing and optimised for mobile devices among the many things that were flagged as very important!


We were encouraged to use the tools Google gives! Keyword forecasts that help to identify your location and keywords you should be using and that roughly estimate how many searches would link back to your website. Google trends allow you to understand peoples behaviour and what is trending at that time. And lastly to claim your page and fill out your business postcard online! 

“Tell Google what you do!” George told us, ”46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information.”

George Bett

For the rest of the meetup, George discussed in detail the vital checks to our websites we should be doing, the algorithms behind social media posting and had advice on our own social media and website ventures.


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