Exploring Innovations in Intelligent Automation With Deloitte

Deloitte's Robotics & Intelligent Automation team explore the latest innovations in intelligent automation - Watch the event below

In the second event of the Data Driven Guernsey Week, we were joined by Deloitte’s Robotics & Intelligent Automation team members, Simeon Moss, Director Advisory at Deloitte, and David Adams, Associate Director, and Risk Advisor to explore some of the latest innovations in intelligent automation including Deloitte-developed solutions, built around client experience and leading market solutions. 

We have crossed the threshold to the Age of With™, an age in which humans work together with machines in more ways than ever to apply cloud technologies, data, analytics, and AI with the purpose of innovating better customer experiences, reimagining processes with greater efficiency, and arriving at—and acting on—insights with speed and precision. From an automation perspective, organisations are moving away from task-based automation into intelligent automation, essential in evolving our digital ecosystem.

This converging technology landscape and ecosystem is moving beyond simply deploying robots to actually integrating robotics with intelligent documentation, digital workflow, data, and analytics so that companies can begin to target those more mundane end-to-end processes to add value to both your clients and teams so they can do more with less.

This 'smart working' may help slim tedious decision-making time, freeing up team members to use their time more effectively.


Slide from Deloitte's presentation

Where is your organisation in its RPA (robotic process automation) journey? David took us through Deloitte's reports over the last couple of years, showing the significant increase of organisations starting their intelligent automation journey in 2020 at 73% versus 58% in 2019. Even though the potential of automation lies in a range of ever-increasing technologies, tools, and techniques, the larger majority of companies that reside in the piloting stage of implementing their automation journey say their top barrier to this innovation is a lack of executive support and alignment and the cost of implementation.

"We are now in a time when our ability to connect, collaborate, and innovate has gone up exponentially which creates a remarkable set of new opportunities for business and society."

David Adams, Associate Director, and Risk Advisor at Deloitte

Simeon suggests that the current trends in corporations look to a rise of automation in the cloud as much as 75% of the projects coming into Deloitte are deployed straight into the cloud and are likely to keep accelerating over the next few years.

This Cloud-based automation means that along with a faster deployment from the developers to the companies and a faster delivery time for companies to impact their staff and consumers, it also means that scalability becomes standard practice, a very important tool in any business to help the expansion of the technology on a whole. 

The availability to share the developer's code within the cloud also opens new opportunities for smaller developers within corporations who may want to create bots of their own. The scalability of this technology is what will ultimately drive robotic automation developments and discoveries. 

Watch the live stream coverage in full below

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