Two Guernsey Businesses Present at TEKEX

TEKEX's hosted its first event of the year, TEKEX #19 with two Guernsey businesses showcasing their products.

TEKEX is a channel islands based investment group which runs regular events showcasing businesses. In the first event of the year TEKEX #19, Guernsey businesses Beagle and Perrin Carey Limited presented their products.

You can see the full presentation from all of businesses from TEKEX #19 including Beagle and Perrin Carey here:


Beagle helps the 73% of people who want to shop more sustainably. Our browser extension recommends sustainable product alternatives when users are browsing.

My journey began a number of years ago at Vazon bay. After spending the day on the beach, we’d picked up a bunch of discarded rubbish to put in the bin. Later on, at my friend’s house, we were complaining about the amount of rubbish found on the beaches, and in particular the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our seas. At the same time that we were having this conversation, my friend was on his laptop ordering 200 red plastic cups in order to play ‘beer pong’ that weekend. It struck me as a huge disconnect between the conversation we were having, about negative human impact on the planet, and his actions, which were directly contributing to that. This really stuck with me.

Years later, I began exploring this in more detail and realised it’s a much wider issue. 73% of people want to shop more sustainably but it’s difficult to do so – people struggle to find better products and they struggle to make lasting changes to their normal shopping routines. This is when Beagle was born. Our users download a browser extension which identifies when they are on a product page and pops up with a recommendation for a more sustainable alternative to the product they’re viewing. They don’t need to remember to navigate to us, we sit in the background and then appear when we can add value.

We have launched a beta version of the product, with 1,200 people using it so far, and now we’re raising more funds to take it to a full public launch and really start scaling up (there’s still space in the round so do get in touch if interested!).

"Speaking at Tekex was a great opportunity to share this journey with an engaged group of people – and to respond to their excellent questions. I’ve had a number of follow-up conversations off the back of it which is also great! Many thanks to Ed for making it happen"

Dave Henry - Founder


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GOVindicia™ has been launched by Perrin Carey Limited, a governance specialist firm founded by Perrin, who has 20 years’ experience in the field. It is based on scientific methodology that charts 27 indices of governance, from operational factors through to company culture. Perrin Carey Limited is a purpose before profit organisation, and its purpose is ‘To improve society by furthering the understanding and practice of governance around the world.’

The online tool has humans at the heart of its design and has been built on the premise that businesses are fundamentally comprised of people; and if those people are high performing and happy then that makes for a better organisation and society. Data is sourced anonymously from company employees, who are asked to fill out an online survey. The responses are fed into the model which then provides management with an extensive data set to support strategic decision making.

The three principal elements of the model are culture, decision making and decision implementation.

“Businesses need to be adaptable and agile, especially in the current environment, and they need to bring their people along with them. GOVindicia™ gives leaders the views of their people in measurable form – something that has always been a challenge – and allows them to respond to those metrics and make organisational changes. I’ve always been taken by the way a murmuration of starlings forms organically in the sky; the birds move cohesively and in unison for the benefit of the collective – and businesses need to do the same thing to adapt to their environment and prosper.”

Perrin Carey - Founder

As well as measuring human governance, GOVindicia™ allows businesses to align their outcomes against a backdrop of increased legislative compliance with international corporate governance codes. The tool has been developed with advisory input from Dr Leslie Spiers, Professor Alan McKane and Jim Nicholls.

“We want to begin our societal purpose before we even make any money so in our current phase of beta testing we need local firms to help test GOVindicia™ for free,” said Perrin. “All we ask is that they make a charitable donation to our Foundation, which supports Help a Guernsey Child and Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre.

“Businesses will benefit from using GOVindicia™ because performance and compliance agendas are so closely linked. Performance is affected by ethical decision making and long-term sustainability and our tool can help measure those factors and more.”

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