What we are listening to - Podcasts for balancing work and the holidays

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Podcasts for your daily working life! Inspiring entrepreneurs and their life stories, work wellbeing practices, time management tips, and creatives' inspiration curated by the Digital Greenhouse team.

To be a well-rounded business owner today, we must master not only business and finance but other areas like mental and physical health, family and sustainability. As we approach the new year, managing a good work-life balance is essential to keeping the stresses of the holidays at bay. Below you will hear suggestions for balancing family life, stories of adversity, tips on creating a good impact with your business and a great sleep podcast to help you manage those niggling work thoughts that keep you awake all night. So grab your headphones and pick from our selection below! 

Being Motherhustler with Kareen Mills

Being Motherhustler

"How do you make the sacrifices of creating a successful startup while maintaining a healthy relationship with your family? The answer: Learn how to be a Motherhustler." 

Host Kareen Mills is the definition of hustle, raising two boys with her husband and running a $50 million financial-institution branch along with a few side ventures. Each episode offers tips for family management, addressing common household challenges and secrets to strong communication.

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Wings of Inspired Business with Melinda Wittstock

Wings of Inspired Business

A struggle for women entrepreneurs can be finding other female mentors to share their journey, with actionable strategies to scale to success. Host Melinda Wittstock interviews women who've 'been there, built that.' These female founders, innovators, influencers and investors provide actionable tips and inspiration to help listeners apply new knowledge to their ventures and achieve results. 

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University of Adversity with Lance W Essihos

University of Adversity 

It's easy to hyper-focus on the success of entrepreneurs, but what about their struggles, hardships and darkest times? What lessons are there to be learned? Host Lance Essihos introduces some breathtaking stories about his guests’ humble beginnings. For those overcoming their own challenges and seeking an uplifting community, this podcast is for you. 

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Superhero Academy Podcast with Marc Angelo Coppola

Superhero Academy

Entrepreneurs should strive to make a positive impact on a local and global level. Aside from building profits, they focus on another ROI: 'Ripples of Impact.' Host Marc Angelo's guests speak about productivity, future tech, science, life hacks, storytelling and more. This show boasts a wide range of experts and topics with one universal theme in mind. Maximizing impact! 

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The CALM & COZY Podcast with Beth Wyatt

The CALM & COZY Podcast

The Calm and Cozy Podcast is full of practical advice for anyone looking for relief from insomnia symptoms, racing thoughts, and bedtime anxiety. Things that can plague a busy entrepreneur and really impact your work and personal life. This series has conversations about general sleep topics, self-care, and stress relief. There are also episodes labelled, "Bedtime Story" for calm bedtime listening if you need a helping hand reaching the land of nod.

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