Digital Design Challenge

Calling all Guernsey businesses and entrepreneurs!

Have you got an interesting business idea using data and displaying in an innovative way? Digital Jersey has opened up their Digital Design Challenge, which is being sponsored by KPMG, to the Channel Islands with the top prize being £1500 to take your idea further.

The Challenge

This challenge seeks to involve everybody, whether or not you work in technology, and has three categories to guide you. There are no set requirements for your project (other than that it is your original work) and your entry doesn’t even have to be digital. The format is open to encourage as many people as possible to participate, even if you don’t use digital production methods.

The Categories

Below are details on the three categories, more details and examples of each of these can be found on the Digital Jersey page linked below.

Visualising Data

In this category we welcome any creative representations of information and data. The only limit is you and the way you choose to translate data into a sensory context to make data easier to understand. 

Sensing and responding to the world

By using various data sources from sensors or technologic items and turning them into creative and interactive designs, data designers can transform our urban spaces and countryside.

Digital and tech culture

In this category we welcome any pieces of art which are using digital tools, or which are not necessarily using any technology but rather showcasing how digital and tech trends influence our society and culture. The designs could be done via physical or digital paintings, sculptures or any other more forms.

Prizes and Entry

There are a number of prizes available including: 

  • One top prize of £1,500 in each category
  • Up to two awards of £200 each for highly commended entries in each category
  • Special Award for an inspiring entry which prominently features Jersey
  • Special Generation Z Award for an inspiring entry by someone under 16 (or average group age is less than 16)

Please note that your submission does not need to be a fully working solution, wireframes and prototypes are accepted. If you get through to the final you will be asked to present a pitch for your idea on the weekend of 16th October.

Full submission requirements and entry forms can be found on the Digital Jersey page linked below. 

Submission deadline is 12th October

For more info about the Digital Design Challenge

Click here

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