Healthy conflict sparks innovation

Part 1 of the 8 part series of June's Effective Conflict Management Pathway on the Hive Learning Hub

Think back to a time when you had a conflict with a teammate, your boss or a client.  Which emotions did you feel?  Stress, fear, annoyance, upset?

Do you ever associate positivity with conflict?  What about trust?  Or innovation?  Did you ever think that conflict can actually be a good thing?

We need to reframe conflict as a vital and useful part of everyday work.

When conflict is managed badly, it costs us. Both in terms of our wellbeing, and financially.

Did you know that in the UK conflict costs businesses £33 billion a year? Or that it accounts for the loss of up to 370 million working days? Research has found that in the U.S., employees spend around 2.8 hours per week in conflict.

Dealing with conflict in work is a fact of life - we all have to deal with people we disagree with, or don’t like.  There will be times when departments disagree on how to allocate resources, or which project takes priority.  What matters is how you handle these conflicts to keep the conversations constructive.

Healthy conflict sparks innovation, unresolved conflict leads to resentment.  As a leader, it’s in your interest to learn how to manage conflict, whether it’s between you and a peer, a team member, your boss, multiple departments or between members of your team.


🗝️ Your key takeaway

When managed badly, conflict can be destructive.  But well-handled conflict can actually be a positive thing.  Conflict will inevitably happen, and by learning to manage it you will have a healthier team. 

Want to find out more? 

You can continue your learning with the rest of the cards in this pathway on the Learning Hub on Hive. 

Here's what you will learn:

  • Why conflict is good for you and your team
  • How to be honest when dealing with conflict
  • How your conflict style affects your management
  • How to handle people’s emotions in conflict
  • How to handle conflict in meetings
  • How to resolve conflict

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