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Barclays Senior Cyber Citizens - National Coding Week 2018

We recently sat down with Gez Overstall, the eco-system manager for the Barclays Eagle Lab in Guernsey.

We recently sat down with Gez Overstall, the eco-system manager for the Barclays Eagle Lab in Guernsey. The Lab is based at the Digital Greenhouse and hosted our first events for National Coding Week 2018.

At these events, called ‘Senior Cyber Citizens’, Barclays Digital Eagles provided helpful advice on how to spot scams and fraud attempts, and what to do if you think you might be the target of one. With attendees from the University of the Third Age, this event proved to be a great success!

Here's what Gez had to say about them...


How did the event go?

It went really well. I think the feedback we got from both the attendees and the U3A, who organised, it was really positive. From a Barclays’ point of view, our colleagues always enjoy sharing their skills and expertise with the wider community.


What kind of people were you targeting?

The session was aimed at over 65s and is part of a program called Later Life Skills, which shares many of the same aims as our Senior Cyber Citizens. We also have our Digital Eagles and LifeSkills initiatives for people of all ages.  


What do you want people to learn from your event/talk?

The whole theme is around digital empowerment and helping people become more comfortable using digital technologies. Mobile banking is a good example. We want to give users confidence – while at the same time making sure they’re aware of the risks. Fraud and scams are common so knowing that you shouldn’t give out your security details in reply to emails, for example, is an important piece of advice. Reminding people of the steps to take to check when people phone you up and say that they’re from the bank reduces the risks of being scammed. Overall it’s understanding the warning signs and then knowing what to do if you do get caught in a fraud or scam situation. We went through all of these in the session.


How do you feel National Coding Week is helping people?

Using digital tools can be really helpful, not just for banking but across many every-day and not-so-every-day activities. National Coding Week is helping to demystify digital tools and encourage more people into learning more about this vital area of modern life.


How has the Digital Greenhouse supported your event/talk?

The Digital Greenhouse is the home of the Barclays Eagle Lab in Guernsey. It’s the perfect venue for events like these!

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