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Digital Innovators 2021 Competition

The 2021 Digital Innovators Competition, is now open for applicants to showcase their digital skills.

The competition, which is powered by First Central and organised by the Digital Greenhouse, opened on 24th February and is looking for teams of up to five students (Aged 14+) to build a digital solution to the problem statement below.

The competition is part of the Digital Innovators Programme, which is designed to develop young peoples’ digital skills in preparation for a career in the technology and creative sectors.

Lucy Kirby, Director at the Digital Greenhouse, said: “We’re looking for teams of bright young innovators to see if they can use their problem-solving skills and technology to help connect the many talented individuals on the island with growing businesses."

John Davison, Chief Information Officer at First Central Group, said: “It’s essential for the local industry that young people have opportunities to improve their technology skills on-island. This competition will provide students with an opportunity to learn and test themselves in a different way than they would normally encounter in the classroom.”


The competition

The competition is to develop a digital solution to the following problem. 

High street footfall is down and town is less visually appealing.

How can the high street be rejuvenated to make it an attractive destination? 

Solutions can be submitted in any format i.e. wireframes, prototypes etc. Teams should register using the form below, to be send more information and will be provided with a space to upload their submission prior to the closing date.

Teams have until 28th May 2021 to submit their solutions


Entry Requirements

The Digital Innovators competition is open to all students aged 14+, you can enter individually or as part of a team of up to 5 people. 



The solutions will be judged by a panel comprised of experts from First Central and Digital Greenhouse. A prize-giving will then take place where the prizes and trophy will be awarded. 


If you have any questions or wish to get more information contact

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