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Squared Online Digital Marketing Programme

What is Squared Online?

Squared Online is the digital marketing course developed with Google and powered by AVADO. Taught over five months by industry experts, it’s the only digital marketing course that also develops your future leadership skills so that you can become a change agent in your organisation.

Technology and organisations are constantly changing, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Squared Online gives you the tools to handle the changes! In this hands-on learning environment, you’ll collaborate virtually with your peers, putting your leadership and marketing skills into practice.

At the end of your journey with Squared Online, you’ll be equipped with a tangible action plan to optimise your marketing strategies and the tools to become a change-maker in your organisation. Find out more

View the introduction to Squared Online webinar here.

This digital marketing programme equips you to:

  • Propose new ideas that help marketers respond to digital disruption
  • Suggest innovative, customer-centric ways to engage with audiences
  • Integrate technology into your marketing strategies to reach your customers at the right time
  • Use data to inform decisions that grow your business, having adopted a “single customer view” mindset
  • Recommend strategies that enable your organisation to leverage the latest emerging technologies

What will you learn?

Digital Marketing Skills

Along with leadership development, Squared Online equips you with current and forward-thinking digital marketing concepts. Your journey kickstarts with an overview of the current digital landscape. You’ll explore how digital disruption has revolutionised marketing practices. In a world of digital disruption, you’ll learn about the importance of keeping customers at the heart of everything you do.

First, you have to build the right message! By looking at customer journeys, you’ll map the moments that matter most and identify customer needs along the way. This will help you build customer-centric messages that reflect your unique brand values.

After you have the right messages, next you’ll look at the best ways to deliver those messages at the right time across multiple channels, meeting the customer where they are in their journey. You’ll look at industry best practice, for example making sure your messages are accessible on mobile devices and search and display. You’ll also dive into programmatic technology to integrate these channels, ultimately creating a seamless customer experience across all platforms.

As you start engaging with your customers, you’ll learn how to access customer data and use it to build tailored and coordinated experiences. You’ll develop a measurement plan, incorporating data analytics and attribution models, to help optimise future decisions.

Leadership Development

At the start of the course, you’ll learn about four key digital leadership attributes that will develop throughout your Squared journey. These four attributes give you the mindset and behaviours that will enable you to drive change in your organisation.

How will your leadership skills be developed?

  • Identify challenges faced by leaders looking to drive marketing transformation in their organisations, and bring together digital marketing strategy and leadership behaviours to analyse how to solve these challenges

  • Address key leadership challenges through group projects

  • Respond to leadership case studies in weekly learning activities

  • Reflect on how you might demonstrate the leadership attributes to tackle challenges in your own context, at the end of each module

With these in view, you will have leadership skills to drive marketing transformation in your organisation, regardless of your position or level.

Find out more information in the Squared Online Course Guide

Course Guide

How does Square Online Work?

Squared Online is made up of five modules and takes a total of five months to complete. We suggest you set aside 4–6 hours a week, which will give you time to complete:

  • Campus activities
  • Individual assessments
  • Group projects and feedback
  • Live Classes with experts
  • Reflection activity

There are no exams or essays in Squared Online. Instead you’ll be continually assessed via project work, self-reflection, group feedback and completion of activities. To graduate from the Squared Online course, you’ll need to:

  • Complete 90% of all activities in each module and the Get Started Area
  • Fully participate with your team to complete all group-based projects
  • Gain a pass mark for group projects and individual assessments by the deadlines
  • Submit group feedback and personal reflection

You’ll learn and connect via the Virtual Campus, this is the central hub of Squared Online and your home base throughout your time on the course. It provides a one-stop-shop for all the Live Classes, lessons, tools and resources – with 24/7 access so you can study at a time that suits you!

Who can apply?

You may have a background in marketing but are looking to develop new digital skills, you could be new to this area and looking to gain a solid start in your career.  You may be an entrepreneur running a start up and in need of understanding how to meet your business marketing goals.

Candidates will be from a range of backgrounds including, but not restricted, to the areas below:

SME Marketing Managers & Entrepreneurs

Expand your digital understanding and develop an overall digital marketing strategy for your organisation, enabling you to accelerate your business growth.

Driven Graduates & Early Career Builders

Are you looking to make the jump into digital and fast-track into a competitive, creative and fast-moving industry?  This course could be the perfect option for you no matter your current role.

Non-Marketing Professionals

If you have knowledge of the marketing functions of the business, but not currently in a marketing role, Squared Online will help you to take the next step into an exciting new career

How do I sign up for a place?

We are pleased to announce that as part of the SMART Guernsey programme, AVADO is offering a fourth cohort which begins in June 2022

To register, please complete the application form at the bottom of this page.

A little background about SMART Guernsey

Agilisys, the leading technology and digital transformation specialist to the UK public sector, is delivering technology and digital transformation services to the States of Guernsey. This follows the States’ decision in 2019 to appoint Agilisys as its preferred partner for its SMART Guernsey Programme – a 10-year project to modernise IT systems and improve the delivery of public services through the adoption of digital technology, providing better access to services for islanders and greater operational efficiency for the States.

As part of the SMART Guernsey Programme, the partnership is committed to supporting the island’s economic development, creating significant and new opportunities for on-island businesses, entrepreneurs, employees and students.

The economic development part of the programme is being delivered by Blenheim Chalcot, the UK’s leading digital venture builder, together with two of its portfolio companies, Hive Learning and Avado. Founded in 1998, Blenheim Chalcot has a track record of successfully building over 40 companies - with Agilisys being one of its founding ventures.

The economic development programme is made up of a number of projects, one of which is ‘Scale up support’ – a mentor match-making initiative.

Register your interest now!

Apply for June's 2022 cohort by completing the application form below.

Squared Online Application

If so please give a brief overview

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