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Growing Guernsey’s digital and creative sectors, in collaboration with business, government and the community.

Dedicated Innovation Hub

Established in 2016, the Digital Greenhouse brings together individuals, community and industry to deliver an innovation and entrepreneurial hub, stimulating the growth of the Guernsey economy, with a focus on the digital and creative sectors.  Now, seven years into the programme, it has grown into a hive of activity, with strong industry collaboration and now delivers over 18 discrete initiatives per year, focused on new and existing business development and inspiring people to innovate and upskill.


In 2022, we collaborated with over 100 established organisations, worked with over 250 entrepreneurs , enabled 240 individuals to to gain new digital qualifications and assisted in the launch of numerous ventures.  Our website received over 26,000 visitors and our combined social media reach was over 750,000.



What we deliver

Through our programmes we:

  • Support new start up businesses and entrepreneurship
  • Support the growth of businesses and innovation
  • Provide networks and events for knowledge sharing
  • Deliver upskilling and talent development programmes
  • Work in partnership with Industry and the community to meet shared aims

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Digital Greenhouse Sponsors


Connectivity sponsor

The Digital Greenhouse offers users a dedicated IP feed providing download speeds up to 100mb. This is a synchronised solution which also allows upload speeds up to 100mb. 

The managed WiFi solution designed, installed and supported by Sure International. More details can be found by asking a member of the Team or by contacting Sure directly on 01481 700700 or email contact@sure.com.

Justin Bellinger, Chief Executive, Sure Guernsey said:

“At Sure we’re committed to connecting our islands for a better future, and supporting the Digital Greenhouse helps us achieve this. The Digital Greenhouse team manage an incredible facility and put on such a wide range of events and initiatives and we’re proud to play our part in helping them connect to as many people as possible. Digital skills are vital to Guernsey’s present and future success, and the more investment we make in that, the more prosperous Guernsey will be.”

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First Central Group

Digital Innovators Sponsor

Digital Innovators sponsored by First Central Group

The Digital Greenhouse is extremely pleased to be working with First Central Group to deliver Guernsey's Digital Innovators programme. The programme, now in its second year, is designed to deliver a range of exciting opportunities for young people to engage with digital technologies. Working with the expert team from First Central, students are able to get involved in hackathons, workshops and events to develop their skills through real hands-on learning. Following a successful pilot in 2018, the focus of this partnership is to provide a series of events to allow students to develop their digital skills as well as the soft skills required for working in the sector.

John Davison, Chief Information Officer at First Central, said:

“It’s been five years of working with the Digital Greenhouse to provide the Digital Innovators Programme to students from local schools, and they are always a pleasure to work with.

The programme has grown year on year thanks to their relationships with the local schools, meaning more students have been able to develop and expand their digital skills with insightful and hands-on learning techniques.”

Reaching over 140 young people in the first year of operation, the Digital Innovators programme continues to have a positive impact on young people's skills, aspirations and enthusiasm for working in the technology sector. Find out about upcoming events for under 21s through the links below.

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Meet the Experts Sponsor

Peter Zunino, Head of Sales and Marketing, Airtel-Vodafone said:

“It’s been fascinating to see and interact with such a variety of new businesses and entrepreneurs coming through and so professionally supported by The Digital Greenhouse in 2022. Airtel-Vodafone is delighted to have contributed its knowledge in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and home working as well as fixed connectivity to support business efficiency and innovation at the start up stage.”


Blenheim Chalcot

SMART Guernsey Economic Development

Charles Mindenhall, Co-Founding Partner, Blenheim Chalcot:


“We are extremely proud of our role in supporting Guernsey’s growth over the last year, through our work with the Digital Greenhouse to create a worldclass environment for digital innovation. 2022 has seen a huge amount achieved through the programme, be it developing skillsets across the island that futureproof its workforce, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, or launching and scaling exciting new ventures. It’s never been more important to build a strong and capable technology ecosystem and Guernsey are doing that with huge ambition and momentum, further strengthening its international position. The year ahead promises to be an exciting and important one, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Digital Greenhouse.”


Global Entrepreneurship Week Sponsor

Kate Marshall, Head of Guernsey Enterprise, JT said:

“The Digital Greenhouse supports entrepreneurs, startups and growing businesses in achieving their goals. At JT we have a tradition of helping our ‘homegrown’ talent find their true potential, which is why it’s been a real pleasure to work closely with the Digital Greenhouse team over the past 12 months, supporting them in their efforts to profile the very best of Guernsey’s digital talent. Technology does not stand still, it takes innovative and sometimes bold decisions to transform, modernise, and maintain existing technology platforms. Our partnership has given us the opportunity to meet innovators, ambitious tech startups and entrepreneurs, and allowed us to help them, in a small way, on the next stage of their journey.”

Prosperity 24/7

Tech Mex Sponsor

Chris Clark, CEO | Prosperity 24/7 said:

“Being sponsors of the Tech Mex events for the last two years and once more in 2023, we at Prosperity 24/7 feel it is both an honour and a privilege to be able to support the ever growing digital ecosystem in the Island, helping our community to quite simply, re-connect, which is a critical aspect of networking and nurturing talent, trust and relationships, in a safe and dynamic space. Ultimately events like this fuel growth, innovation and inspiration, all of which is essential to drive the digital economy forwards, whilst supporting critical Industry sectors which continue to flourish in Guernsey.”


Take a look around

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Lucy Ann Kirby

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