Become a Team Player With Microsoft Teams Resolution IT Course

This course is for users who are either using or thinking of using Microsoft Teams. As well as teaching you the functionality of Teams, it will guide you on the etiquette and best practices of using the product. £150 per person, including light refreshments.

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Resolution IT

Do you want to...

  • Improve productivity?
  • Communicate more efficiently?
  • Work better together?
  • Improve project management?
  • Have your important files and apps organised all in one place?
  • Keep your team secure?
  • Find things easily?

Are you using Teams and want to...

  • Create policies for using communications channels?
  • Improve adoption and confidence to use Teams effectively?
  • Learn the etiquette and best practices?
  • Structure your teams and channels effectively?
  • Learn how to become more productive?

Microsoft Teams has been designed to bring together groups of people who work together closely, to get things done. Find out how you and your organisation can become quick and efficient working together, instead of feeling overwhelmed by new technology. 

With the techniques and guidance provided on this course, you will feel empowered and confident to use this product and manage your other forms of communication in a more efficient manner.

With classroom-style hands-on training and small class numbers, to obtain maximum benefit from your learning experience. Can also be run onsite or customised to suit your organisation's requirements.

This course will cover

  • Why and the benefits of using Teams
  • Etiquette and best practices
  • How to use Team alongside other communication platforms
  • Productivity benefits
  • Use all the main benefits of Teams
  • Setting up meetings
  • Working on files together
  • Managing Teams and channels including permissions
  • Creating tabs and incorporating apps
  • Tips and tricks to use this product successfully

To join this course please email directly