Digital Leadership Livestream Event: ‘Why Your Business Should Become Data-Driven’

This session will discuss the importance, opportunities and challenges of becoming a data-driven business.

Date & Time

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GTA University Centre


  • What does it mean to be ‘data-driven’? What is ‘data’?
  • What steps can businesses take right now to begin on the journey towards becoming data-driven?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities for business today and where are the quick wins?



Course Benefits


At least 40% of business will die in the next 10 years. The businesses that will survive and thrive will be digitally enabled and data-driven.

Following the live-streamed session, there will be a thirty-minute discussion facilitated by Tim Loveridge, Chief Operating Officer at Office of the Data Protection Authority, with the key points from the presentation explored in a local context.


Tutor Profile


Henry Burton is the co-founder of Artelligen, a digital growth agency dedicated to helping businesses of all kinds to achieve tangible growth objectives with digital, across the customer lifecycle.

Tim Loveridge began his career as an electro-mechanical design engineer, before moving into financial services In 2008, In 2012, Tim then became a director and the Chief Transformation Officer for the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. In 2016 Tim was appointed as the Director of Income Tax (Transformation).
Since early 2018, Tim has been responsible for developing a larger Data Protection regulator on island.