Lunch & Learn - The Power of Allowing Why

Lunch & Learn on how allowing your teams to ask 'why' can positively change the culture within your organisation (lunch included)

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Digital Greenhouse Guernsey Market Street GY1 1HB Guernsey

About this Event

Carl Appleton recently worked for the Ports of Jersey leading their Culture & Change Programme for three years.  This led to some fantastic savings but what was more impressive was the change in culture among their teams. Every single member of their 440 staff now has the ability to implement change providing they use the systematic approach they have been taught (this ensures control). Their ability to ask why along with the correct training has transformed the way they work.


Carl's new role at Prosperity 24/7 is to reach out to any organisations anywhere in the world, work with them, duplicate a similar programme with the intention of them becoming Operationally Excellent!


The key objectives of The Culture and Change Programme are:


  • Empower all staff at all levels to initiate effective change - 'license to grow'
  • Encourage your organisation to become operationally excellent
  • Give your staff the opportunity to grow and develop their capabilities whilst celebrating their talent & success
  • Provide a unified process for identifying and rapidly delivering operational improvements
  • Integrate and reinforce your organisations vision and values