Future Rewired 2020

Future Rewired is a back for 2020 promoting networking, skill sharing and showcasing innovation in Guernsey. Kindly sponsored by Prosperity 24.7.

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Digital Greenhouse

Future Rewired is back for 2020, after a successful launch in 2019. The Technology Festival will run from 9am - 5:30pm at the Digital Greenhouse. Kindly being sponsored again by Prosperity 24/7.

16 speakers will take to the stage hosting talks and workshops covering topics such as Data Analytics, App Development, Innovation and more. 

Future Rewired will also have a number of digital products that have been developed locally being showcased including the well being app Uniti built by the Potting Shed and a Guernsey Election App built by a pair of local developers. 

Lunch and refreshments will be provided, along with your very own, highly coveted, Future Rewired event swag!

Interested in seeing more, check out the video from 2019 here:


Future Rewired is open to all and aims to bring together those who are working in or interested in technology.


The full speaker list will be announced soon

Future Rewired has 3 different stages full of talks and workshops for you to build your day.  Choose from one of each of the three tracks per session, depending on your interests,


Keynote - Chris Clark CEO Prosperity 24/7

Chris will be covering his journey in the tech sector through a fire side chat from Jersey. Discussing areas such as digital inclusion, upskilling and cultural change. He will also be talking about how to take products from ideas to reality.


Track 1: Deep dive/ Technical talk: Go under the bonnet of the technology used to implement and build solutions.  Take a deep dive into the different technical areas, focusing on specific programming languages and techniques.

Don Lowe - Human Systems

Don will be talking about the myth of the perfect system.

Adam Rawles - What I Wish I Knew When I Started Using R

In this intro to R coding Adam will cover what is R and how it compares to other coding languages along with some examples of how it can be used.

Carl Ceillam - Web application security

Carl Ceillam, from local penetration testing company, The Chain, will share with us some of the most common security issues found in web applications, and offer some suggestions on secure coding practices.

Shaun Lane & Dave Wratten - The Hills are alive with the sound of learning

Shaun and Dave will take you through the technology behind their learning platform. They will cover the process of making it and what makes it work.

Track 2: Product showcase: What are people developing on Guernsey?  Take a peek at new products and platforms and find out the process behind them.


Charles Christian & Ben Wratten - EdTechConnect

Charles and Ben will be showcasing their platform bringing together Education and the Tech sector to enable the sharing of experiences and skills to promote students taking up digital careers.

RJ Allen - Uniti A summary of the well-being and volunteering platform

RJ will be talking about the Uniti wellbeing app developed by the Potting Shed. He will be discussing the work behind the design and user experience.

Matt Pyle & Martin Smith - 38 Deputies

Matt and Marting will be talking about 38Deputies, which is aimed at helping make the voting process easier. With 119 candidates in the upcoming election, and a maximum of 38 votes to cast, there are a number of challenges in this first run of Island-Wide Voting; not least, that we identified that both of us are simply too lazy to sift through multiple sources of information for each candidate, and read through over one hundred manifestos, coming to a reasonable conclusion on who the best choices are. We imagined that this is a common problem for other people, and we wanted to help make sure people had an easier time of deciding on their candidates, and that they chose candidates that really represented them. It is not a replacement to individual investigation and decision making, but an aid, matching users to the candidates that our algorithm believes suits them the most, based on their choices on key issues. 

Their solution was to be able to use a site that would be able to aggregate a list of the candidates that align with individual views on key issues, while making information about the candidates easy to read, access, and filter; ultimately, providing us an aid to allowing the public, to choose the candidates that best suit them.

Matt Champion - SoundFloored

Matt will take a deep dive into the world of electronics and programming, talking about his journey of making a digital music pad and the tech behind it.

Track 3: Innovation & Creativity: Hear from local disrupters and creators who are thinking differently about challenges ahead.  Build your knowledge by trying out some new tools and tips of how to work in new ways, take a human-centric approach and develop new ways of thinking.



Anita Kilby - Building businesses post covid

Anita will be talking about her experiences in building businesses and the opportunities that COVID has produced. 

Lucy Kirby - Innovation, a magic carpet or a cheap rug?

Lucy will be talking about innovation, approaches and if it lives up to the hype.

Max Crame - Good Creative - Tips on creativity with a conscience

Max will be sharing insights and learning from being a young art director for a creative agency in London.

There will also be plenty of time for networking and discussing the different topics of the day, with lunch provided and networking drinks after the main event.