Guernsey, Go Green! Electric Aviation and Marine 2

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Mark Harrisson

Mark Harrisson from Harrisson Aviation will be presenting about  electric aircraft and electric marine passenger ferry development programmes. The speakers will cover, the topics below in a short briefing followed by a question and answer session:

  • Sustainable renewal energy use
  • Aircraft design & Airline finance
  • Marine operations
  • Investment opportunities

Following a week-long visit to Alderney to validate the recent air connectivity survey results of over 2,000 Channel Islanders, and a sold out first event, Mark Harrisson will share these findings, insights and plans at this breakfast seminar.


Mark Harrisson - Harrisson Aviation

Richard Nettleton - Waterside International Marine Consultant 

Paul Hutton - CEO, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd

David Hayler - Finance Director, Green Air Limited


To find out more about Harrisson Aviation and their goals for sustainable travel visit the link below:

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