Innovation Lab Webinar: Innovation in Adversity with PwC

PwC will be delivering a 2-part webinar series on innovation in our current climate. Using their case studies as examples, they will challenge us to seize the opportunity to embrace change and create a culture of innovation

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Leyla Yildirim & Nick Vermeulen from PwC

Part 1 - Innovation in Adversity

For this webinar, we welcome Leyla Yildirim from PwC to set the scene, unpacking the history of innovation stemming from crisis situations.  We will then hear from Nick Vermeulen, who will provide valuable insights into the local COVID-19 PPE case study.  This webinar is designed to leave you with some key takeaways about how to enable innovation in your context.  

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Please note the following before joining the webinar:

  • You will be able to join the webinar from 13:55 and will be admitted a couple of minutes before the 14:00 start time.
  • If you are late joining you will be added at the earliest opportunity.
  • Participants will join muted and remain that way through out the presentation. There will be opportunity to unmute yourself to ask questions at the end of the session.
  • If you have any questions during the presentation, please ask them via the chat and Leyla and Nick will answer them when appropriate.
  • The webinar will be recorded and shared publicly after the event.


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Part 2 - Recovery, Development, Growth  will be held on Tuesday 19th May at 2pm and deep-dive into how we can action forward some of our ideas to improve Guernsey businesses and the community for the better.  Click here to find out more and reserve your free spot.

Speaker Profiles

Leyla Yildirim

Leyla is the Chief Strategy Officer at PwC Channel Islands, working with its senior leaders to develop business strategy and execute implementation successfully. Leyla has over 20 years’ experience in professional services, working across a range of business operations including communications, business development, human capital, strategy and marketing.  Career experiences in the media, law and multiple roles in the PwC network have given Leyla insight into the challenges of bringing strategy to life and the behaviours needed to make change stick.  Leyla’s specialties include marketing, communications, business development, project management, business strategy, human capital, talent, diversity and inclusion, senior executive development and strategy.


Nick Vermeulen

Nick is a Partner at PwC Channel Islands and leads on Innovation and Technology across the business. He has spent over 20 years working with clients across all areas of financial services, assisting them as they look to restructure, face a regulatory problem or system or process issue.  Nick is used to working with established operators, as well as start-ups and has been a trusted advisor to numerous clients, as they have grown more successful.  Nick has a wealth of experience and has a pragmatic approach to problem solving. Recently, Nick, alongside a client, won the Fund Services Award for innovation for the design of a Blockchain solution for Private Equity.  His key areas of expertise include Financial Services, Banking, SAS70, AAF01/06, Anti-Money Laundering, GDPR, Internal Audit, Technology, Database Design, Blockchain, Fintech, Liquidations and Restructuring, Systems and Process Reviews.


Innovation at PwC Channel Islands 

At PwC, innovation is fuelled by our people and our creativity, focused on spotting and realising opportunities to use advanced technologies to build stronger societies.  We innovate boldly, and intelligently, to create and deliver new value for our clients and our wider communities, which supports our global network’s purpose of building trust in society and solving important problems.

Generating top-line and bottom-line growth lies at the heart of any organisation’s ability to deliver shareholder value.  Leading companies today recognise that innovation is critical to delivering consistent business results in all economic conditions.  The speed of change in the new economy has reinforced the value of innovation and PwC continues to work hard to deliver on this.

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