TEKEX #16 presents 3 top speakers of scaling tech businesses - ESI Monitor, Virtex Stadiums, MyPay and this month's charity Durrell.

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We'll be hearing from Beth Gallichan, Fundraising Manager at Durrell about Reconnecting with nature at Jersey Zoo. "The rapid spread of coronavirus is thought to have started in wildlife markets and has demonstrated how connected we all are. Restoring the health of our planet requires people to positively change how they value the environment. Delve into Durrell’s positive and bold vision for conservation and the vital role of Jersey Zoo."

Please note all tickets are free but we'd be delighted if you could make a donation to Durrell.

There is a neat segway from Durrell to ESI Monitor who are collaborating as we speak. If you do not remember ESI Monitor and Marc Laine / Fred Betley from TEKEX #11 then get ready to hear about a powerful digital platform that has some fantastic developments.

Next up: Virtex Stadium: The Next-Generation Entertainment Platform... Tim McGuinness is seeking to build a VR/AR/XR events platform that steps past traditional 2D video broadcast and into three-dimensional virtual content formats. Simultaneously, Virtex Stadium is giving producers and events organisers everything they know and love from real-world venues. As you can imagine these guys are poised for real growth as our world has been turned upside down of late but this start-up does not need a pandemic for success. Listen to the young, bright Tim Mcguinness speak about his journey.

Steve Lavington, Sales Director of MyPay: Taking on the payment disruptors E-commerce post COVID, how MyPay is reacting to the challenges and evolving the payments landscape.