Adapting Tourist Destinations For Remote Workers & Digital Nomads In 2021

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Island Innovation

Join us for Islands Innovation event on adapting tourist destinations for Remote Workers & Digital Nomads. The virtual event will then be followed by a second session where the panel will discuss the opportunities for attracting Remote Workers and Digital Nomads to Guernsey and Alderney. (If you wish to attend both webinar sessions make sure you sign up using both links)


Adapting Tourist Destinations For Remote Workers & Digital Nomads In 2021 16:00 - 17:30

The trend of remote workers and digital nomads was on rise over the last 5 years, but has accelerated dramatically due to the pandemic. This virtual session features presentations from speakers representing destinations across the world that have the potential to adapt their economies through the substantial global growth in remote work, including ways in which these destinations are actively engaged in attracting remote workers.

This discussion will cover not only the opportunity for tapping into this new market but also how to create lasting economic opportunities beyond tourism for local people. Panelists include destination marketers, community organisers and digital nomads to give a variety of perspectives on this sometimes misunderstood sector.

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A new vein for economic diversity - Nomads and Remote Workers -  18:30 - 19:30

Drawing on the lessons and experiences shared in Island Innovation’s earlier webinar we will be reflecting on this emerging sector in the Bailiwick. Our panel of nomads and remote works will share their experiences to set the scene and reflect on a range of questions. Is this an opportunity for us? How do we compare with other jurisdictions? What are our strengths and what could we do better? This one-hour session will be highly interactive with the emphasis on encouraging as many questions from the participants.  


Jon Buckland

Jon is founder of Unleashing Potential and one of Guernseys Ambassadors for Island Innovation.  He is passionate about the transformation of business models so that they operate in a holistic context and are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He enjoys bringing new ideas to life through robust discussion and reimagining potential futures.


David Earl

David’s career has always revolved around communications. It began in advertising, marketing, and PR. However, much of has his working life has been spent providing global TV Networks with specialised technology for the live coverage of breaking news and major sporting events - including Formula One, MotoGP, and the America’s Cup.

Since moving to Alderney in 1997, David has taken a keen interest in Bailiwick affairs. He has also actively studied various small Island economies with a view to learning lessons from other Sub-National Island Jurisdictions (SNIJs) with similar problems. Topics of particular interest have included renewable energy, zero-emission aviation, sustainable economic development, and experiential tourism.


Louise Croft

Louise (aka DigitalNomadGirl) has spent the past 6 years travelling the world full time as a digital nomad. Never spending more than a few months in each country she sampled beaches in Thailand, ski resorts in Georgia, and big city life in Australia. She has run businesses in pretty much every industry from ecommerce to education to software. Having visited Guernsey last summer she's now setting up a base on the island. 


Dominique Soulas

Dominique is half German half-French and has always been drawn to foreign countries and to learning foreign languages. She has spent the past 2,5 years travelling the world full time as a digital nomad. Never spending more than three months in a country she lived in Tenerife (Spain), Krakow (Poland), Panama, Thailand, Malaysia, France and the Netherlands. She is offering an online course on neuroplasticity.

In September 2020 she and her husband heard about Sark´s initiative to recruit new residents and they are now setting up a base on the island.

Nigel Roberts

Nigel began his career as a software engineer/computer programmer before becoming a Freelance IT Consultant in the early nineteen-eighties. From the early days of the Internet, Nigel has always taken a keen interest in the unique identifier systems at the heart of the Internet and in 1996 founded the GG and JE country-code domain name registry for both Guernsey and Jersey.

In 2018, having been involved in the operation and co-ordination of the Internet for many years, Nigel was appointed as a Board Member of the ‘Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – otherwise known as ICANN – where he has served as a member of the Board’s Strategic Planning Committee, Audit Committee, Risk Committee, the Technical Committee and as Chair of the Board’s Accountability Mechanisms Committee.

Nigel has lived and operated his various business interests in Alderney for the past twenty-one years.

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