Automation – facts, myths and opportunities

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Automation is one of the most talked-about technologies. But it is also one of the most misunderstood.

Is it a way of improving accuracy and processing data faster? Reducing costs and delivering efficiencies? Addressing skills shortages by freeing up people to carry out higher-value tasks and deliver a better customer experience?

Or is it the road to a shift in employment and work patterns the like of which we have never experienced?

Can it be all of the above?

In an interactive workshop Simon Perks, Agilisys’ Automation Practise Lead, will talk us through what Automation is and how to identify the benefits for your organisation. Using real-life case studies he will demonstrate how Automation is a journey to unlock long-term value and needs to be built on the unique needs of an organisation, its people and its strategy. 

Topics covered will include:

Automation- What and Why?               

  • Bots vs humans                
  • Large, fast-growing and transformational programmes               
  • What does an automated enterprise look like? 

What’s driving the adoption of Automation?               

  • Business-wide benefits               
  • Transforming customer and employee experience
  • Proven results at large scale 

Where and How to Start?               

  • A journey to long-term value               
  • Real-life examples               
  • What processes should you automate? 

Speaker profile

Simon Perks


Simon leads the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Consultancy and the internal Centre of Excellence at Agilisys.

During his 20 year career, he has worked with leading organisations in financial services, banking, manufacturing and the public sector. He says ‘One of the great things about my work is seeing how technology helps enable change and make a real difference. That can be by identifying and developing solutions that help remove the mundane from work, delivering cost savings as well as improving the customer journey and experience.'

This event is part of National Coding Week, aiming to bring a wide range of expert knowledge, awareness and the opportunity to learn some digital skills at all levels. This week is concluded with the technology festival Future Rewired.

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