Creative Conflict: Disagreeing Productively - Innovation Lab

Understand that we can have good and bad conflict, and how to approach it in different ways

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25 Jun 13:00 - 14:00


The Digital Greenhouse

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Conflict in the workplace is inevitable; there will always be disagreements about workplace matters and personality clashes. But conflicts don't need to grind your team to a halt, with the right techniques your business leaders can help build your team's strength. The CIPD, a professional body for HR and people development, recently published the findings of its survey on conflict in the workplace. CIPD found that  “almost a third (31%) of the employees in our survey who had experienced conflict said the person they reported it to didn’t take the conflict seriously, and almost half (48%) felt the other party’s interests took precedence.” This shows that there’s plenty of work to be done in this area! To protect the wellbeing of both employers and employees alike some new tactics are needed. 
In June's virtual Innovation Lab event, we’ll walk you through five different approaches to conflict to improve the productivity of disagreements.  The workshop correlates with June's Hive Learning Hub pathway, 'Effective Conflict Management'
When managed badly conflict can be destructive, but well-handled conflict can actually be a positive thing! Conflict will inevitably happen, and by learning to manage it you will have a healthier team.  
This event is part of World Wellbeing Week, a week of health and wellbeing focused events and workshops jam-packed with information to boost your business.  Take a look at the week's line-up here.

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