Digital Accessibility - Technology for all

Digital Skills, Director Development, Leadership & Management. Should lockdown restrictions still be in place at the time of this event the session will be held in a virtual classroom.

Date & Time

29 Apr 12:30 - 13:30


GTA University Centre

It is estimated that over 15% of the global population is living with a disability and it is the fastest-growing minority group in the world.

In this illuminating and entertaining session, Adi Latif will take you on a journey where you will experience what the digital world is like from a Disabled person’s perspective. The world of digital accessibility will be demystified 1 slide at a time and you will leave with a profound feeling of an hour well spent

Course Content

  • An understanding of what is digital accessibility and inclusive design
  • An appreciation of why making digital product and services accessible directly improves the quality of living for disabled people.
  • Understanding the powerful business case for accessibility and inclusive design.
  • High-level roadmap of the key areas to consider in your digital accessibility journey
  • First-hand experience of seeing a blind person navigate a good and a bad digital experience

Following the live-streamed session with Adi, there will be a thirty-minute discussion facilitated by Karen Blanchford, founder of Access for All, with the key points from the presentation explored in a local context.

Course Benefits

By attending this session you will understand why digital accessibility is essential for any organisation and understand how to get started on your digital accessibility journey.

Course Tutors

Adi Latif

Adi Latif is an accessibility consultant at AbilityNet.
Adi empowers organisations on how to best design an inclusive product/ service which can be used by all, increasing market share and providing disabled people equal access. He believes that good design enables and empowers people and bad design disables.

Adi is experienced in accessibility strategy, accessibility user testing and training. He also has over 15 years of experience in using screen-reader technology for the blind. Previous experience includes running 2 start-ups, being the world’s first blind professional snowboarder and working for Accenture Global management consultancy.

AbilityNet is a charity that works with large and small organisations from all sectors to improve the usability and accessibility of digital products and services.

Karen Blanchford

Karen Blanchford is the founder of Access for All, a local charity that works in partnership with the community to improve accessibility, in its widest context.

Access covers a number of areas including the physical environment (Places), Information (digital, hard copy, signage etc), Services (Customer Service), and Activities (events etc), you can find out more at