Dive into Data for Business Leaders

Should lockdown restrictions still be in place at the time of this event the session will be held in a virtual classroom.

Date & Time

17 Mar 12:30 - 13:30


GTA University Centre

This session will introduce you to the essential concepts in data analysis for your organisation and is primarily aimed at business leaders. You will learn the key data terminology and be shown essential tools that would benefit your business to get more from your data.

The benefits to your business of good data management will not only be financial but reputational and therefore this really is a must-attend session for local board level execs.

Course Content

  • Data for better business
  • Key terminology and concepts for data analysis
  • Benefits of better data management
  • Data analysis tools
  • Data-driven decision making

Following the live-streamed session with Jason, there will be a thirty-minute discussion facilitated by Michael Quittenden, with the key points from the presentation explored in a local context.

Course Benefits

By attending this session you will gain a high-level understanding of the primary elements of data analysis, sufficient to begin thinking about your own organisation’s data and your next move in making better use of it.

You will gain an overview of data analysis tools like PowerBI, a free business analytics service by Microsoft, which allow you to connect your data, even if it resides in different formats and locations. These tools will give you an insight into your business that would be impossible to gain with just spreadsheets, for example.

You will finish by looking at some examples of how data analysis can improve your decision making.

Course Tutors

Jason Wyatt

Jason Wyatt is a Senior Learning and Engagement Consultant at Prosperity 24/7, helping organisations to work more effectively using the Microsoft 365 suite of applications.

Skye Hawley

Skye Hawley is a Junior Consultant at Prosperity 24/7, having joined straight from A-levels. She specialises in Data Analysis and Reporting. She helps clients across the Channel Islands and beyond to tame their data.

Michael Quittenden

Michael Quittenden has been involved in technology for over 20 years starting as an operator within the banking world. He has seen first-hand how computers and indeed technology has rapidly evolved in such a short space of time. Michael now works as a consultant helping companies adopt and understand technology to accelerate their business.