How Emerging Tech Can Create an Unique Smile and Reduce Anxiety

AI and VR are used in many ways. Join Barclays Eagle Labs as they explore how these platforms can support anxiety and generating a unique smile.

Date & Time

21 Sep 19:00 - 20:15


Online Event

Virtual Reality has the power to engage and educate in new and novel ways. In this virtual Barclays Eagle Labs event, we will explore VR as an educational tool to engage with patients, reduce anxiety and help them understand why looking after your teeth is important. Training and development also stand to benefit from including VR and case studies of how it's being used now, as well as the future landscape will also be covered.

There will be an overview of the hardware and software currently available that covers everything from thousands of pounds to less than the cost of a pint.



Dr Manish Chitnis

Qualifications: BDS 1996, IQE (UK), MFGDP (London), MFDS(Glasgow), Dental Business management (Bristol)

Dr Manish Chitnis obtained his dental degree in India and has enjoyed a successful career in dentistry for the past 25 years. After gaining experience in India and UK whilst working in small as well as large corporate dental clinics, he decided to run his own practice in the UK, where he is the owner of Dental Concepts, a thriving dental practice in Andover and in Whitchurch.

Besides growing his dental practice, Manish is passionate about sharing knowledge and resources with other dentists in the brand-new spacious education centre at Andover and has also run many training programmes in Oxford and Hampshire in the areas of clinical governance, dental business best practices and designing the best possible patient journey within the economic framework of a dental practice.

Andrew Pledger

Andrew is passionate about passing on his knowledge and skills having studied digital design at the University of Brighton. Exploring immersive tech and how things like VR and AI can be used to enhance learning experiences, Andrew will show how Virtual Reality can be used as a tech for good and how it can support anxiety issues that people may have about going to the dentist.

Andrew works with businesses of all sizes supporting them with prototyping and getting to understand their business and any value that he can add.

Event Timeline:

  • Intro and welcome
  • Dr Manish Chatnis will explain how AI can be used to generate your unique smile
  • Andrew Pledger will explore how VR can be used to support with anxiety issues.
  • Q&A