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In this interactive workshop, we will look at how you can introduce coaching into your working practice, with different strategies, styles and qualifications.

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Guest Speakers

Lucy Mallett, Lisa Ingrouille & Kate Lawlor

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Make time for coaching to unlock your team's potential

Coaching is incredibly valuable - and businesses know this.  According to Google one of the top traits of great managers is that they are also a good coach.  Coaches drive employee engagement, helping people to identify their goals and purpose.

In this Innovation Lab we will introduce you to coaching, touching on different strategies, styles and tools.  The event will feature guest speakers who build a picture of coaching in a local context.  

We will hear from Lisa Ingrouille and Kate Lawlor from the States of Guernsey’s Learning and Development team on how they embed coaching good practice across the organisation. They will share with you how they have trained staff to act as coaching champions and introduce you to their preferred coaching tools as a key takeaway to try in your own context.  

Want to take your coaching skills to the next level?  We will also hear from Lucy Mallett, Curriculum Lead for CIPD, Coaching and Mentoring at Guernsey College of Further Education on the opportunities to formalise your learning locally.  The Guernsey Institute has just launched a series of courses on coaching and mentoring, including qualifications with CMI.  


This event correlates with our Summer Coaching Series on the Hive Learning Hub.  It consists of 3 pathways on skills, strategies and styles with bite-sized learning content to introduce you to the subject.  Click here to explore the content.   


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The aims of the Innovation Lab are to introduce methods of innovative working through a variety of presentations and workshops.  As well as developing a network of like-minded people to discuss ideas and encourage co-working across industries. These sessions are part of the Hive Learning Hub, make sure you sign up to access the supporting learning content.

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