Pitching for Scaleup Funding

Pitching for scaleup funding will delve into the nuances of investor readiness at Series A and beyond.

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This webinar will be expanding on Pitching for scaleup funding, delving deeper into the nuances of investor readiness at Series A. In November 2020, Scale Space partnered with Imperial Enterprise Lab to explore different modes of fundraising for cohorts beginning their entrepreneurial journey. Part II jumps forward to when those startups have achieved success at the series seed round and have their sights firmly set on Series A and beyond.

Led by the expert Chair, Nick Gregg, Head of Investments at Blenheim Chalcot, this panel will address key questions on how to cultivate ‘investor readiness’ and build a successful scaleup funding pitch. It will address questions such as:

A) What is the definition of a startup vs scaleup?

B) When is the right time to fundraise? How much funding should you raise?

C) Are you ready for Series A, or should you aim for step changes through bridge rounds?

D) How do you prepare for a fundraise?

E) What are investors looking for at later funding stages? (3X returns, etc.)

F) How can you convey exit time horizon and opportunities in an uncertain market?

G) How can you stress test your funding pitch in advance?

Questions will be encouraged from the audience at the end, offering a great opportunity to engage the Chair and panellists on the subject.