SharePoint Online Basics

Date & Time

26 Apr 09:00 - 16:30


GTA University Centre

A look into all the basics of SharePoint online. The modern experience is designed to be simplified and flexible to manage your documents or create team sites. Not only will this course look at basic document management it will cover editing and creating team sites in SharePoint, online to give you the knowledge to customise your team experience.

Course Content

  • Benefits of cloud computing
  • Accessing SharePoint online
  • Edit your profile
  • The importance of naming conventions
  • Guidance on folder structure
  • Navigate and browsing
  • Search, filter and follow
  • Collaborate in SharePoint
  • Rename, move, copy, upload and download files
  • Recover files
  • How to sync files to your computer
  • Version history basics
  • Set up alerts
  • Create document libraries
  • Understand basic permissions
  • Overview of metadata
  • Understand the difference between team and communication sites
  • Create a team site
  • View team site contents
  • Editing the homepage
  • Add/remove a news post
  • Layout and sections
  • Adding web parts
  • Customise themes and look of your site
  • Add company logos
  • How to create and edit lists
  • Export a list from Excel
  • Create a page
  • Page details
  • Add an app to your site
  • Understand integration with Office 365 groups and apps

Course Tutor

Tonia Meakin

Adoption & Change Specialist. Tonia has joined Resolution IT’s Digital Transformation team as an Adoption and Change Specialist.

With over a decade of experience across a number of roles in the IT industry, she brings with her a real passion for training, upskilling and empowering companies to achieve their modern workplace potential. Specialising in Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 from a team players’ perspective, she can really give you the knowledge and confidence to succeed with technology, no matter what your current skill levels are.