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In this event, we’ll walk you through setting and communicating your team's purpose with each other.

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For 2021 the Innovation Lab will be focused on enhancing your learning experiences and personal development. This series of face to face sessions aim to encourage collaboration, interaction and knowledge sharing between individuals in local businesses and the community.  Each month the subjects will be supported by online content from the Hive Learning Network. Join us to explore key topics and learn tried and tested methods to help you progress and enable innovation. 

Start with Why - Setting and communicating your purpose

In January's Innovation Lab event, we’ll walk you through setting your team's purpose and how to communicate this with your peers. This event correlates with the January Hive Learning Hub pathway, 'Start with why.'

This pathway and event deliberate on finding and defining your businesses purpose and understanding the "why" of your work as an individual, as well as in your team and organisation.

Becoming clear on your "why" is critical to being able to communicate with and inspire team members, customers, investors and more - whether you're an entrepreneur or part of a large established business.  When people are given a clear purpose in their work, they feel motivated and engaged.  Research has shown that people are three times more likely to work for a company that has a strong sense of purpose.

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About the Innovation Lab:
The aims of the Innovation Lab are to introduce methods of innovative working through a variety of presentations and workshops.  As well as developing a network of like-minded people to discuss ideas and encourage co-working across industries. These sessions are part of the Hive Learning Hub, make sure you sign up to access the supporting learning content.

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