Technology in a Creative World

Join Barclays Eagle labs for a lunch and learn event all about how technology is being used in creative practice!

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Join Newcastle Eagle Labs engineer Robyn Townsend as she talks about how the emergence of tech into the contemporary creative world is improving upon century’s old techniques.

In this workshop Robyn will talk about her experience working as a glass-maker alongside some of her regions leading artists. She will share how they are adapting additive manufacturing & CNC machinery in creative ways and how this might inform future technology.

Cases studies that will be covered are:

  • Dr Erin Dickson whose work explores ideas of home through language, culture and vernacular architecture. Erin pioneered techniques for glass sculpture using waterjet technology.
  • Chris Wight, a ceramicist who adopts unconventional techniques to push bone china to its limits, sometimes utilising modern technologies.
  • Jonathon Keep, a ceramicist whose work is recognisable for a strong sculptural quality with an emphasis on form. Jonathon is well know for adapting 3D printers to print pots directly from computer code.
  • Markus Kayser who developed solar sinter, a project that explores the potential of manufacturing in the desert harnessing the power of the sun to turn sand into glass.
  • Glass 1 (G3DP) a first of it kind optically transparent glass printing process developed in collaboration with MIT.

There will be a Q&A session at the end.

Call details will be sent by email on the day of the event.