The Startup Founder's Marketing Playbook - Barclays Eagle Labs Virtual Event

The Go-to-Market Strategy Guide For Early Stage Startups.

Date & Time

21 Apr 10:00 - 11:00


Online Event

You’re sitting with your investors, excited about your startup’s idea. You’ve got a good feeling it genuinely solves a problem. 

When asked who you’ll specifically market it to and how many of these customers are out there - you realise you’re not quite sure. You also realise you’re not quite certain how much people would be willing to pay, and how you’ll reach them in the first place. 

If this is you, it’s time to think about learning how to launch your startup’s product to its first set of customers with the go-to-market playbook.

Tune in to learn from Lucy how to create your first go-to-market strategy, in a way that will help to direct your activity and give your Board confidence in your approach.

Created for tech startup founders, in this session you’ll learn:

  • Ways to identify your profitable customers, not those who won’t ever pay for your product
  • The questions to ask to create proper buyer personas you can actually unlock value from
  • The marketing channels available and how to select the right ones
  • How to think about how to price your product and build in repeat usage 
  • How to think about the wider business model and increase your chances of success from the start


Lucy is an early-stage startup marketer who works with founders to validate, create and build their businesses, primarily in the b2b tech industries. 

She’s the marketing lead and employee number one at subscription learning platform, Careercake. The platform was voted best Employment Website at the NORAs, beating dominant players, including Glassdoor and the National Careers service. 

It supports 25,000 viewers a month and includes LinkedIn Learning, Nationwide and Companies House, amongst its partnerships. 

Conference details will be sent out approximately one hour prior to the event start time.