Design a Gadget Competition Prize Giving

To celebrate its 15th birthday, Resolution IT launched their ' Design a gadget' competition in partnership with the Digital Greenhouse

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The Digital Greenhouse

This spring, Resolution IT opened its 'Design a gadget' competition to all school children aged 3-6 to invent an awesome gadget, draw a diagram of it and write a few words about why they invented it.

Their gadget could be as weird and wacky as they liked - with judges looking for entries that show innovation and flair that makes them think "I want one of those!!"

The prizes for the competition include,

  • 1st Place: Nintendo Switch Lite
  • 2nd Place: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
  • 3rd Place: Sphero Robot
  • Winner of each year group: 3D Printing Pen

Each winner will also get a Resolution IT backpack full of art supplies to keep the creativity going, as well as a £500 donation to the school with the highest percentage of entries.

The prize-giving will be held at the Digital Greenhouse, please join us to celebrate the winners!