Climate Communications Classroom - Sustainable Finance Week - Fringe Event

Learn the fundamental principles of effective climate communications and how to create a communications plan.

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The Digital Greenhouse

Many organisations are in the early stages of their journey to net zero; standards and terminology can be confusing, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of greenwashing.

Misleading claims can damage the company’s reputation and the public’s perception of climate change.

Equally damaging is ‘greenhushing’ where organisations are so concerned about getting their messages wrong, they stay silent which could lead to less accountability and a slowdown in our global journey to net-zero.

In this ‘lunch and learn’ style session, Nichole Culverwell, Black Vanilla’s Agency Director and a Chartered PR Practitioner will discuss the fundamental principles of effective climate communication and how to create an effective communications plan.

This session is a Guernsey Finance Sustainable Finance Week Fringe Event. Find out more about Sustainable Finance Week here.