Digital Marketing Workshop: Websites

Join us for a Digital Marketing Workshop series with Tonicha Ward and Molly Phillips

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The Digital Greenhouse

The final workshop of the series, this session will cover the basic information on whether a website is necessary for your business, as well as how to build one using simple software, determine your brand voice and audience, and how to monitor website performance.

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Tonicha Ward

Head of Marketing Guernsey Finance

Tonicha Ward has been at Guernsey Finance for five years and during that time, she has been responsible for developing and executing a wide range of global digital marketing campaigns for the agency, promoting worldwide events and business development opportunities, across several different marketing channels including, but not limited to, email, social media, and website. She is responsible for driving the organisation's marketing strategy and managing the day-to-day marketing activities and the team. Tonicha is working towards her level 6 diploma in Professional Digital Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She has also completed a level 5 diploma from the Institute of Digital Marketing. Her studies have given her an excellent foundation in the fundamentals of marketing, including strategy and digital customer optimisation.

Molly Phillips

Digital Marketing Executive Guernsey Finance

Molly Phillips joined Guernsey Finance in February 2022 and since then has been responsible for managing the agency's email marketing campaigns and supporting the Head of Digital Marketing with developing digital marketing strategies and managing and monitoring the performance of the agency’s various marketing channels. Molly has recently completed her level 5 diploma in Professional Digital Marketing and has started working towards her level 6 diploma in Professional Digital Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Her continuous studies provide her with insightful, up-to-date knowledge of digital marketing, including strategy and campaign management.