Duforest AI ChatGPT for Startups (September)

Rescheduled to 21st October 2023

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Digital Greenhouse

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Duforest AI

Dreaming of starting a new business? Let AI help you get started.

Sign up to Duforest AI's one-of-a-kind ChatGPT course designed specifically for want-repreneurs and anyone dreaming of founding a startup!

Build a startup from scratch to launch - using ChatGPT and other AI tools to support every aspect. This one-day course will teach participants about prompt design and how to get the most out of AI tools, to cover the range of areas to start a new venture.  No previous business experience or pre-researched market is required to join the course.

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“Innovation is fuelled by knowledge and access to the right tools. By partnering with Digital Greenhouse, we aim to deliver a unique course where AI and entrepreneurship intersect, empowering Guernsey's next generation of businesses."

Simon Kirkpatrick, Entrepreneur and founder of Duforest AI

Course dates

Saturday 23rd September 2023 (rescheduled)

Saturday 21st October 2023



Through partnership with the Digital Greenhouse, Duforest AI are offering the one-day course in Guernsey for the discounted price of:

£399 per participant

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This ‘ChatGPT for Startups’ course is accredited for 7 CPD hours.

Completion of the course will also enable you to enter the ChatGPT “The Shark Tank” event taking place on the 4th November, where participants will continue to use AI tools to build decks and then pitch to the panel of expert judges. Find out more here.

About Duforest AI

At Duforest AI, they are masters at unlocking the potential of AI. This firm holds a leadership position in AI strategy, AI education, and Prompt Engineering. Their proficiency in NLP and generative AI does not merely simplify AI, it unlocks it, thereby charting a path to success.

Within Duforest AI's educational curriculum, one can find a variety of accredited AI and ChatGPT courses. These offer opportunities to accumulate CPD hours and achieve the esteemed Prompt Master Certification. Duforest AI's practical methodology, supported by rigorous research, assures a profound understanding of AI. This welcomes individuals into a realm where AI is not just accessible but truly unleashed.

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