GenAI Leader Accelerator September

An in-company workshop that introduces Generative AI to your leaders across the organisation.

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Avado Learning

This 1-day workshop looks to enable people across your organisation to foster excitement and adoption of GenAI, identify low-hanging fruit and quick wins and be risk-conscious and work on compliant and safe implementation. 

The workshop is entirely virtual and encourages high levels of collaboration while discussing key business implications brought forward by GenAI, reinforced by hands-on work that gives participants the chance to experiment with the technology as a group in an interactive setting. 

We are pleased to be able to offer a number of fully-funded places to individuals in Guernsey as part of the SMART Guernsey partnership, to build their skills in their businesses across all sectors.

What is it?

Evolve your organisation's leaders' knowledge of generative AI with the 1-day virtual, intensive workshop led by Avado's experienced practitioners.

Who it’s for?

This inspiring and information-packed workshop is perfect for any leader who is keen to stay at the forefront of the evolution in their field and
with an inclination for adopting innovative solutions. Operational managers and change leaders who may want to be hands-on in driving implementations, seeking a robust overview of what is possible.

What are the outcomes?

As a result of the bootcamp, attendees will gain:

  • Awareness of what GenAI is and how it works Foundational understanding at a technical level and where the technology is going
  • Understanding of impact on businesses Ability to articulate how GenAI has been, is, and will transform businesses and the workforce
  • Prompt Design Learn the importance of good prompting and learn the foundational skills to creating powerful prompts
  • GenAI in action beyond just ChatGPT Understand how wide-reaching Generative AI is and how it works on images, text, and large data sets
  • Hands-on ability to harness GenAI Practice in a safe environment with the technology and generate your first outputs from GenAI
  • Ethical, legal and data security considerations What to watch out for in bringing GenAI into organisations and obstacles to overcome

Why organisations love it

  • Delivers business impact fast 
  • Ability to experience first-hand a wide selection of technologies
  • Brings leaders up to date with rapid transformation
  • Delivered by an early adopter who has implemented GenAI in his business before all the hype


Upcoming Sessions

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