How Your Business Can Win On Social Media

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The Digital Greenhouse

Join Charlotte Dunsterville, Managing Partner of UN1TY, and Jo Buchanan, Founder of TwitTwooYou, at the Digital Greenhouse on Wednesday, 5th June to learn how to harness LinkedIn to grow your business.

Charlotte offers 28 years of experience in all things customer-related, while Jo delivers 24 years of strategic marketing excellence.

Charlotte will dive into the importance of curating a strategy to grow your business successfully. She’ll share the importance of developing your business’s unique selling proposition and how you should challenge your status quo for growth.

Jo will then discuss all things content and guide you on what and how you should post to generate interest, grow customer loyalty, an online following, and generate leads. We’ll also talk about the importance of customer engagement and how crucial it is to respond to all comments, even the negative ones.

If you want to grow your business organically, using tried and tested methods, to generate interest and leads, you won’t want to miss this talk.