Workshop: How to ‘eat breaches for breakfast’

No-one wants to experience a personal data breach but for anyone working with people’s data it’s something we all must be prepared for. As the saying goes, it is not ‘whether’ but ‘when’ it will happen!

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La Vallette Bathing Pools, GY1 1AX

At The Office of the Data Protection Authority (ODPA) breach management is a priority. We offer regular interactive workshops, free of charge, to provide actionable guidance on both breach prevention and how to respond to a breach when it happens to you.

Join us to discover:

1. The most common pitfalls that lead to breaches, and how to avoid them.
2. How to assess risks to the people whose data is involved in a breach.
3. How to mitigate the risk to people whose data is involved in a breach.
4. When you should report a breach to the ODPA.
5. What records you need to keep about breaches.

The workshop involves a mixture of case-studies, practical guidance, and discussion.
Come along to deepen your understanding, share your experiences and questions, and leave feeling ready to eat a breach for breakfast.