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When starting out your business, working from a home office can be a preferable option. But as your business begins to grow,  you may want a place to be able to get your head down without distractions, meet with clients and network. Joining a co-working space can be a good option for those in this situation.

Why work from a co-working space?


Most people that use coworking spaces are freelancers or small business owners who would not have the chance to meet people if they were based at home, even just working a few hours a week at a coworking space will allow you to meet so many new people!


For new businesses or freelancers, finding a suitable office space to rent can really break the bank. Most coworking spaces are extremely affordable and you won’t have to worry about additional costs like heating and electricity.


Lots of coworking spaces will have extended access so you can work at a time that suits you best with no repercussions if you need to be at home to let the boiler man in or feed the goldfish. It also works well if you are away for meetings and need somewhere to work from that’s not a hotel room or noisy cafe!


Coworking spaces will normally have lots of members who are potential new clients or business contacts and they will aim to link members up where suitable. They will also list you on their website and help promote events and products.


Working from home means pets and children running around, or possibly a lack of motivation and switching the TV on! If you work in a coworking space you won’t have any of those distractions and will be in an environment that helps to inspire creativity. Officevibe report that 60% of users are more relaxed at home since coworking provides a work/ life divide.


Become part of a community. A lot of coworking spaces will have events for members to help them meet new people.  This community atmosphere is something that people working remotely may not otherwise have and so is a great way to be involved with people from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences.

The Digital Greenhouse is a hub for innovation and offers a range of memberships to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes with three paid membership levels. The space also offers meeting rooms, break out spaces, kitchen area and more to help your business grow.

Hot Desk Membership

Get full access to our coworking area, breakout spaces and kitchen facilities, with the freedom to drop in whenever works for you. Ideal for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Allocated Desk Membership

Choose a dedicated desk in our open-plan workspace, plus access to meeting rooms, breakout areas and kitchen facilities. Ideal for startups and entrepreneurs.

Corporate Membership

Get access to programmes, promotion and more. Plus enable elected members of your team to work from our coworking area.

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